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We still love you, New York

We still love you, New York

With the two recent political blunders that have made 2016 the worst year of the millennium so far, a trip to New York City hasn’t really been top of our list… but unfortunately, we better find a way to get excited as we have booked ourselves on a little break away to the Big Apple in 2017. Earlier […] Read more…


The Ultimate Romantic Travel Instagram Project

Russian photographer, Murad Osmann, found that both his passion for photography, travel and his love for his girlfriend could form the perfect Instagram photography project. “Follow Me To” shows an intimate journey of Osmann’s journey through the world being trustingly led by his mysterious beloved who never shows her face, all on his Instagram account […] Read more…

hostel horror story stories

Horror Hostel Tales From Around The World

I’m sure anyone who’s ever been traveling has got a good ole story that they like to whip out when chatting about their worst hostel stay. We’ve all encountered them, we’ve all survived them and now we can finally laugh about them… I think. They make great stories despite the fact that we had to […] Read more…