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7 Feel good essentials to survive a long haul flight

How to survive a flight when on your period

Hell hath no fury like a woman… who realises her period has come to say hi just before a long-haul flight. There’s honestly nothing worse than coming on your period when you’re about to board a plane for the next 9+ hours, strapped in a seated position, wedged between strangers, with no hot water bottle or your duvet. […] Read more…

book a taxi in advance to survive early morning flights

How to survive early morning flights

It can be darn hard to survive early morning flights, but although they are a pain in the ass, they are usually necessary due to either your destination or your nearest airport’s timetables. No one willingly books a supremely early flight for the hell of it. Getting up at 2am or 3am to catch that flight can […] Read more…

50 things I learnt from travelling in 2014

This year has had its ups and downs for me, the lows being made redundant and breaking my foot (both happened in the space of a few months), but the highlights of 2014 definitely happened whilst travelling about throughout the year! From a girls trip to Amsterdam to the snowy slopes of the Pyrenees mountains, from road […] Read more…

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