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Street art, East London

24 hours in East London: Graffiti, rooftops & getting hangry

East London is known to hold the trendy and cool neighbourhoods that really give London it’s edgy vibe, and you can jam pack a pretty decent trip into 48 hours. You can trawl central London looking at impressive historical architecture, marvel at shiny tall buildings, have a selfie beside iconic bridges and get involved with the tourist attractions (the […] Read more…

10 reasons to love turkey

10 things to love about Turkey

Thinking about summer travels? Check out this guest post by Chloe Sherriff, and if you aren’t sorely tempted to book a flight to Turkey after reading this then go take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself why you are standing in the way of your own happiness… My family and I […] Read more…

I lost my heart in Harajuku

This guest post was written by Poppy Foster – here’s how our resident Japan-ophile reckons you should spend your time in Harajuku, Tokyo… There’s nothing I love more than shopping. Ok, so maybe Hello Kitty, tattoos and tomato ketchup are up there… but otherwise it comes out top. And Harajuku simply couldn’t be a more […] Read more…

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