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Fashion & Travel: The top girls who do it best

Fashion and travel. These two pillars shape my life. I scroll through endless beautiful locations and outfits, gleaning all that I can. They are the source of inspiration behind my daydreaming and everyday reality… And when I find those certain someones who actually manage to bring the two together in perfect harmony, it gets me pretty obsessed with them and a daub jealous. Fashion […] Read more…

A "cosplay" fan poses for photos during

How to get Harajuku girl style

There’s no denying it – Harajku girls have got style. Just the mention of this famous district of Tokyo, Japan, always sets off a colourful montage of fabulous, fashion images flickering fast behind my eyes. After all, Harajuku style is iconic in the world of Japanese fashion. Shoichi Aoki clicked his fingers in our faces […] Read more…

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