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Barcelona W Hotel cabana

How to have a high-rolling holiday in Barcelona on a budget

One of the fabulous things about the gorgeous Spanish city of Barcelona – aside from its alternative culture, spectacular architecture, and glorious beach (I could go on) – is that it makes for a fantastic budget destination. Particularly when you are based in the UK where budget airlines like Ryanair and EasyJet run cheap and […] Read more…


The Costa del Sol – but not as you know it

Alex – Sunny Spain’s Costa del Sol has certainly earned its fair share of scathing reviews from the travel community and not without good reason. The golden coastline has created a rod for its own back – its natural beauty attracting the package holiday hordes, mass development and soulless sport’s bars that quite frankly go […] Read more…


How to travel like a superstar on a budget

Ah, the lifestyles of the rich and the famous… The ladies and gentlemen of superstar land that grace the pages of every magazine often seem typified by their beach bronzed bodies and shiny, sun-kissed hair. After all, if they’re not treading the red carpet as part of the day job, they’re accompanying truckloads of luggage through […] Read more…