• Glamping in the UK - Yurt vs Hot Tub

    Glamping in the UK – Yurt vs Hot Tub

    Glamping in the UK is one of the best staycations money can buy and there are plenty of quirky yet comfy options to choose from – see Alex’s top choices!

  • How to survive a flight when on your period

How to make authentic tasty Vietnamese Pho

Pho is a traditional Vietnamese dish that can be found all over Vietnam. Super cheap, authentic, fresh, healthy, everything you could ever want while backpacking! Coming from Melbourne and its fantastically diverse cuisine, I had tried the traditional noodle soup dish in the Vietnamese suburb of Richmond. I thought it was pretty good… but going […] Read more…

Horror Hostel Tales From Around The World

I’m sure anyone who’s ever been traveling has got a good ole story that they like to whip out when chatting about their worst hostel stay. We’ve all encountered them, we’ve all survived them and now we can finally laugh about them… I think. They make great stories despite the fact that we had to […] Read more…

Skydiving In Taupo, New Zealand. Holy Shit.

Before I traveled New Zealand, I was so very sure that I would never do anything as ridiculous as a bungee jump… or a sky dive. I scoffed at the idea with thoughts of, “Why would I spend so much on something that could probably kill me?!” Little did I realise that New Zealands’ extreme-sporting-adrenaline-junkie […] Read more…

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