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Barcelona W Hotel cabana

How to have a high-rolling holiday in Barcelona on a budget

One of the fabulous things about the gorgeous Spanish city of Barcelona – aside from its alternative culture, spectacular architecture, and glorious beach (I could go on) – is that it makes for a fantastic budget destination. Particularly when you are based in the UK where budget airlines like Ryanair and EasyJet run cheap and […] Read more…

barcelona barrios saints on a plane

A whistle-stop guide to Barcelona’s barrios

By Alex Saint… Sometimes when I talk about Barcelona, my eyes light up with little, pink love hearts. That city sucked me in with its ‘everywhere’s a photo op’ architecture, sweet-talked me round with its romantic, flower-filled balconies and won my affection forever with its leafy squares and lost afternoons of cava and sunshine. And I […] Read more…

brighton bristol instagram

March Instagram: Surfing in Devon, Bristol aquarium & Brighton wanderings

So once again, here’s another month through the lens of our instagram filters! And this is the first one where my sister (@alexsaint13) and I (@s_saint) have teamed up to showcase the highlights of our month… We changed the blog from “Cities And Palm Trees” to “Saints On A Plane” in March, as we wanted to […] Read more…

khao san road thailand saints on a plane

A guide to surviving Khao San Road, Bangkok

If someone was to ask me: “Name an asian city where you’re bound to have the time of your life?”, without a doubt  I would reply, “Duh. Bangkok of course. Jeez.” The capital of Thailand gets a lot of love from us for good reason: the laid-back people, the endless shopping, the amazing food, delicious drinks, cheap currency, […] Read more…


The Ultimate Romantic Travel Instagram Project

Russian photographer, Murad Osmann, found that both his passion for photography, travel and his love for his girlfriend could form the perfect Instagram photography project. “Follow Me To” shows an intimate journey of Osmann’s journey through the world being trustingly led by his mysterious beloved who never shows her face, all on his Instagram account […] Read more…

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