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How to keep that Summer glow

Here in England, it seems like it’s all over. For us summer babies, the season that we relish and live for is now over, and whilst we forlornly pack up our bikinis and sun tan lotion, we grimly face the dark times. Winter. Our summer rejuvenated skin is now feeling the cold and losing that […] Read more…

A "cosplay" fan poses for photos during

How to get Harajuku girl style

There’s no denying it – Harajku girls have got style. Just the mention of this famous district of Tokyo, Japan, always sets off a colourful montage of fabulous, fashion images flickering fast behind my eyes. After all, Harajuku style is iconic in the world of Japanese fashion. Shoichi Aoki clicked his fingers in our faces […] Read more…


How to travel like a superstar on a budget

Ah, the lifestyles of the rich and the famous… The ladies and gentlemen of superstar land that grace the pages of every magazine often seem typified by their beach bronzed bodies and shiny, sun-kissed hair. After all, if they’re not treading the red carpet as part of the day job, they’re accompanying truckloads of luggage through […] Read more…

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