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Glamping in the UK – Yurt vs Hot Tub

If you’ve ever lost control of a camper van and watched in horror as it slowly ploughed through someone else’s (thankfully empty) tent, nearly got kicked off Duke of Edinburgh for hitch-hiking, or have simply watched Blair Witch one too many times to feel fully comfortable under canvas, then don’t worry – you’re not alone […] Read more…

Ceres: The best brunch in Bristol?

Living in Bristol, I’m used to having numerous inventive and trendy new cafes and restaurants opening around the city. They come and go, hit headlines then disappear, enter quietly and become institutions, rule the streets then shut down faster than you can say ‘Bagel Boy‘. But I’m always looking for the best brunch in Bristol. Could […] Read more…

Exploring Plymouth with CrossCountry trains

A weekend getaway: Plymouth

The other weekend, my sister and I were whisked away by CrossCountry trains from Bristol for a weekend getaway to Plymouth. We vaguely remembered heading down to this little seaside town years ago (dare we say, ten years ago??) to visit friends at the university… but we could hardly remember much about the actual city. It was […] Read more…

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