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Top 3 Instagram Surfer Babes to Follow

I’m sure you may have noticed by now, but I am constantly on Instagram. Some may say I am addicted to Instagram, others may call me an ‘Insta-Enthusiast’. But however you spin it, I can safely say that I live and breathe those stunning shots that make me super envious of other people’s lives; what they eat, […] Read more…

Copán Ruinas, Central America saints on a plane alex saint

Parrots, sweets and cobbled streets in Copán Ruinas, Central America

By Alex Saint… Parrots, sweets and cobbled streets… Oh, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring some of the most brilliantly preserved Ancient Mayan sculpture to be found anywhere in the world. The picturesque Honduran town of Copán Ruinas, lying nigh on the Guatemalan border in Central America, sounded like the perfect breath of crisp, fresh, […] Read more…