Five spend a weekend in the Lake District

When I first found out my bf had a relative with a holiday home in the Lake District, my first reaction was pretty much WHY HAVE YOU NEVER MENTIONED THIS BEFORE? I’ve been wanting to visit this beautiful part of the country for years and since our new addition Nala (the cutest dog in the world – not biased at all) arrived, a weekend in the Lake District seemed like the perfect spot for our first family holiday.

The only problem is neither of us drive. We needed a crew. Luckily, our friends who are actual grown-ups and can not only drive but own a car, were free and up for an adventure. So, we packed up a ton of food, a ton of booze, the pooch and maybe a board-game or two (yes this is what happens in your 30s), and hit the road to Coniston.

Coniston - a weekend in the lake district

Coniston - exploring the lake district and Coniston village


Five spend a weekend in the Lake District

A weekend in the Lake District is best spent in a cute, country cottage in the middle of nowhere. Which is exactly what we got. Seriously, there wasn’t even a corner shop – it was practically the wilderness. We arrived in the dead of night when it was pouring with rain and after a quick Buzzfeed quiz to ascertain which character we would each be in a horror movie, we discovered that Rob would be the first to die, Ben would be the wrongly accused weirdo, I would be the survivor (yes!) and Elly was the killer. An eerily perfect ensemble – what would the night bring?




Luckily, the next morning dawned bright and dry, we’d all survived and were ready to see what a weekend in the Lake District had to offer.

First up we headed to Coniston Village for a little wander. Set under the strapping silhouette of the Old Man of Coniston (more on him later), the village is exactly what you’d expect from a quaint British town – cobbled streets, ice-cream shops, nods to famous literary characters such as the Beatrix Potter Gallery and the school that Wordsworth attended, and gazillions of pubs. Which is, of course, where we headed.

Coniston Village - exploring the village

a weekend in the lake district

Walking Old Man Coniston - Lake District

You can’t go to the Lakes and not go on the Lakes. Im sure that’s a saying somewhere. Anyway, it’s one we adhered to when we rented our own little boat for a few hours. Pack a picnic, some tunes and a dog who we imagined might enjoy the feel of the wind in her ears but who in reality seemed to hate every second of it and preferred to lie with her eyes closed on the floor of the boat not being very photogenic at all, and you’ve got the ingredients for an idyllic afternoon!




Back at the cottage we cooked up a storm – our friends have recently become vegans so to compensate for the delicious, healthy supper we sank a whole lot of cava. It’s a little bit hazy after that… board games may have been involved. But the next day, nothing could stop us from our date with the Old Man of Coniston – a 2,634 ft high fell (according to good old Wiki) to the west of the village.





This was the kind of scenery you dream about when you plan a weekend in the Lake District – light and shadows playing across an epic landscape of hills and valleys dotted with fat little sheep. If breath-taking views are your thing, start planning your trip now – I could only imagine it was how Simba felt when Mufasa showed him the pride-lands with the promise that it would all one day belong to him. Pretty sure little Nala felt that same sensation of wonder too.

Old Man of Coniston - walk the lake district


Our weekend in the Lake District was a breath of fresh air made brilliant by the landscape, the squad and of course, Nala Noo. Where’s your favourite place to escape the big city?

All pics by Alex

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  1. Kathi
    September 24, 2017 at 8:48 pm (4 months ago)

    Looks like you had a blast! The Lake District is so beautiful and relaxing and I would have loved to hike up the Old Man of Coniston. Unfortunately our weather back in March was slightly more… terrible, so we stuck to roadtripping and eating 🙂


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