Why you need to visit Krakow (vlog!)

You may remember that time we got swept off to a mystery place with no idea where we were going or what to pack? All we had was the weather forecast of our destination, and an envelope with our boarding passes… and we ended up stumbling off the plane into the gorgeous city of Krakow!

We had a ball in the city, especially as we didn’t get exhausted with endless exploring which we normally do. We took on Krakow slowly and thoroughly enjoyed a bit of slow travels in this Polish city – keep on reading to see our top 5 ways to take Krakow slowly…

But first, have a lil’ watch of our quick vlog if you’ve never considered heading over to Poland’s cracking city – you’ll soon know why you need to visit Krakow.

Why you need to visit Krakow:

Our highlights: 5 ways to travel slow in Krakow

So we’ve been a bit quiet on the blog front which always leave us feeling inadequate and guilty… especially when we have SO much content to share with you! But this city trip that we went on together left us with some pretty good memories… and great video footage.

Our video may have painted a wild whirlwind of a trip, but we actually took it pretty slow, and really soaked up the city. Slow-travelling is always the best – it makes those memories last longer and stay vividly with you for months afterwards…. so take a quick look over our highlights and see how you can travel slow in Krakow:

1.Take your Krakow mornings slow

We stayed in PURO hotel which is a stone’s throw from the main train station of Krakow. Discovering how good the location was kick-started our Krakow city trip, and we were biting at the bit to get out and explore! But once we found how comfortable the hotel was, we definitely took our mornings slow to enjoy the comfort… and that breakfast buffet.

PURO Hotel had a swish design feel to the reception with plenty of international fashion magazines to browse, a smart dining area with a cool communal table stuffed with more fashion bibles, and a huge coffee machine with takeaway cups so we could get our caffeine fix as we were heading out the door.

Take your mornings slow in Krakow – there’s so much to see in the city, but it can all wait when the beds are this comfortable…

2. People watch in Krakow’s Town Square

We headed down to the Town Square as soon as we had dumped our bags at the hotel. It was absolutely huge and really a good place to meander and to do a touch of people watching. There were a ton of bars and restaurants lining the edges, and adorable little stall selling sweet flowers. Plus, there was a covered market where you could pick up some trinkets, souvenirs and sheepskin slippers at really affordable prices.

Walk the whole way around the square, look up to the decorative buildings and soak it all up.

3. Take your time over an espresso martini at Cafe Camelot

Now this cafe may not have been the most tastebud-flooring place which we ate at during our trip, but we did indulge in some mammoth salads and creamy espresso martinis. Espresso martinis that were basically mini alcoholic milkshakes. They were delicious and the exact pick-me-up we needed from having a long day of travelling, and being able to completely relax in this quiet corner of Krakow revived us.

Be sure to pop into Cafe Camelot and see the brilliant interiors – would it be mad to decorate my house like this?!

Visit Krakow - Cafe Camelot

4. Refuel at Legal Cakes

Even if you’re not hungry, you simply can’t resist having a pig-out at Legal Cakes. We happened upon this cake shop as we were wandering the streets, and as soon as we saw the words ‘sugar-free’, ‘gluten-free’ and ‘sweet potato brownie’, we were in there like a shot! A dessert without the guilt!

When you visit Krakow, pull up a pew on the pavement seating and nibble on your sweet treats – you’ll forget where you are in the world after the first bite.

Visit Krakow - Legal Cakes

5. Long chats and dinner dates

We absolutely LOVE food. We love good, wholesome food which is healthy and packed full of flavour. When you visit Krakow, you’ll be surprised to find the quality of the restaurants an cafes – we didn’t eat experience any disappointment! We hunted out places that served up both great dishes and tasty tipples, and we really enjoyed some proper sister time.

Stuffing food into our mouths and tasting some pretty amazing cocktails is what sisters should always do together, and we caught up with everything going on in our lives. Sometimes travels need to have a bit of the hectic sightseeing dialled back to allow for some bonding… apply this to all trips!!

Hopefully we’ve convinced you to give Krakow a go! In a nutshell, expect delicious food and cocktails, a chilled vibe and one heck of a stunning city. Go with someone dear to you and just take it all slow. As travel should be 🙂

All photographs by Sophie & Alex Saint

2 Comments on Why you need to visit Krakow (vlog!)

  1. Anja
    July 11, 2017 at 12:30 pm (6 months ago)

    This is basically what my travels look like! Taking it slowly, exploring the culture through its food, and just soaking in the atmosphere. I’ve tried crazy tourist rushing through the cities before and this is just far more enjoyable! 🙂 Now I’m curious to find out more about that mystery travel (was just thinking of it another day as an idea for me and my husband, haven’t talked to him about it yet 😀 )
    And those cakes look delicious!


    • Sophie
      July 11, 2017 at 12:31 pm (6 months ago)

      Ah thanks for the comment, Anja! Yep after too many trips where you come home more exhausted than you began, it’s time to just travel at your own pace and ignore the FOMO. Srprs.me was super fun – highly recommend!
      Soph xx


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