Top of the Rock: the best view of Manhattan, New York

We recently flew across the pond and hit up the bustling, bright light city that never sleeps: New York City. Our dreams came true!! It’s a city that’s been on our hit-list for years, and it didn’t disappoint. And we immediately had to find the best view of Manhattan.

Top of the Rock: the best view of Manhattan, New York

With a pretty amazing skyline and a cityscape that’s full of incredible skyscrapers that literally stab through clouds high above, we knew we had to get high and find the best view of Manhattan, New York. There are plenty of high points to witness Manhattan (most famously the Empire State Building), but we headed up to the Top of the Rock who many had recommended to us to be an alternative (and better!) view of the city.

The Rockefeller Tower is between 6th and 5th avenue, in the thick of Manhattan. It’s directly between the Empire State Building and Central Park, meaning you get sweeeet views of the huge green park AND the famous Empire State Building! And since the Rockefeller blocks the view of Central Park for those on top of the Empire, we knew the Top of the Rock was the one for us to check out.

We’re not the biggest fan of queues so we made sure to get our tickets to the observation deck before our trip. We got our tickets through AttractionTix, then all we had to do was pop in to the Rockefeller Center, go direct to the desk and book in our time slot for later that day. It can get pretty busy as the day goes on so it’s best to get in earl,at least to book in your viewing time if you fancy it later in the day. And prebuy your tickets to avoid the big queues that can form down on the plaza.

After a few hours exploring the city (ahem, Sex and the City tour – more on that later), we headed to The Rockefeller in our 15minute window of entry. This place is a damn maze, with minimal signs telling you how to get up to the Top of the Rock, but luckily everyone who works there is super friendly and can show you the way/vaguely point in the right direction. The lift up to the Observation Deck is down under the first floor, so walk down stairs upon entering the center.

By staggering the entrance of tourists, queues were minimal and we only had to slowly shuffle in a queue when trying to get into the lift for the top. In groups of about 15, we crammed into a lift and ear-poppingly shot up 67 floors to the first of the viewing decks. But as soon as we saw that you could easily get up to the 70th floor, the highest point, we scrambled to get up there for the best view in Manhattan. We had to get higher, baby!!

It was a pretty warm day with a good breeze, but the glass partitions kept the wind relatively out of our way. And when that sun peeped out across the rooftops – so unbelievable.

Seeing New York from such a height meant we could spot some well-known sights that us Brits had only seen on TV: the ball that drops for New Year in Times Square, the Chrysler building, the Hudson River, and the beautiful Central Park that stretches far off into the concrete jungle. The Empire State Building is dead on in front of you and it’s the best view of the skyscraper you could possible get.

We did this pretty early in our trip and finding the best view in Manhattan was the most awesome introduction to the city. Especially when you can round it off with a cocktail down on the plaza, below lines of American flags and a towering inflatable ballerina statue. Not sure what that was all about, but hey, it sure was pretty!

You can book your tickets to the Top of the Rock over on AttractionTix.

Many thanks to AttractionTix for fixing us up with this brilliant view!

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  1. jo Ann Lawery
    June 12, 2017 at 4:37 pm (8 months ago)

    I used to work for Greyline Sightseeing Tours in New York City , (it’s the big red buses that you see all over the city.) We used to tell people to get the best views of NY , go to the Top of the Rock, not Empire State Building

    • Sophie
      June 13, 2017 at 5:55 am (8 months ago)

      It really is!! Empire State Building would be iconic to visit, but we didn’t have much time so only picked one view. So glad we went up the rock! Wow working in NYC must’ve been so much fun!


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