How we do Melbourne (in 60 seconds)

When my sister and I finally locked in plans to go to Melbourne together, I was bloody ecstatic that I FINALLY go to show her where I spent nearly three years of my life. That gurrrrl never flew over to visit me – how rude. So once we were arrived together, we did a hell of a lot in this cool Australian city… and we’ve made a quick 60 second film for you to get a good feel of all that Melbourne offers! It’s Saint’s in 60 seconds – the Melbourne edition! Carry on down to see our footage….

Way, way back many centuries ago, I lived in Melbourne after a long backpacking trip and I did my two working holiday visas, plus stayed a touch longer to explore Australia more… Now it does suck that Melbourne is precisely 1.7 bajillion miles away from the UK, so Alex never really had the time nor money to fly for 24 hours to see me. We didn’t really hang out or see each other for a solid 3 years, and to look at how close we’ve become now, it’s crazy that we spent such a large chunk of time apart!


How we do Melbourne (in 60 seconds)

We hit up Melbourne at Christmas and we literally packed so much in two weeks. I dragged her down dusty memory lanes of where I lived in Carlton, where I worked in Fitzroy…. and through many of my favourite bars and pubs. If you fancy seeing our whirlwind adventure in Melbourne, take a peek at 60 seconds of pure Aussie fun below!

We popped into Healsville Sanctuary to see some native animals (a whole lot of kangaroos!), trundled on a train to Brighton Beach to see the famous painted beach huts, went on an epic expedition through my favourite Melbourne hang-outs in Fitzroy and Collingwood.… and ate our way through many of Melbourne’s best healthy cafes for brunch.

We have a whole lot of love for Melbourne, but it really will ruin your life! From rooftop bars with epic views of the skyline to hidden alleyway dive bars, it’s an endless playground that you won’t want to ever leave. We <3 Melbourne.

All photographs and video by the Saint Sisters.

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