Where the heck are we going??… with Srprs.me

When life has an element of routine, and you’re no longer following a never-ending backpacking trail which could lead you anywhere at anytime, life can sometimes get a little… lacklustre in the surprise department.


When it comes to holidays, the booking and organising can make spontaneity take a nosedive: you first scope a place out, then book the time off work, spend your lunch breaks idly looking up great brunch spots or hidden coves to swim… and have a browse of the latest Instagram shots of the location….. then take your time packing for whatever scene your destination has. Still exciting, but wave goodbye to the surprise factor!

So imagine how our curiosity spiked when Dutch travel company, Srprs.me, approached us about sending us off on a mystery trip! A trip where we won’t be able to pick the destination, a trip where we won’t know where we’re going until we’re at the airport, a trip where we’ll relinquish all control, and go with minimal planning and researching. It takes guts to place your holiday in the hands of the gods / Srprs.me, especially if you work full-time, like us, and you have to treat your holidays like precious liquid gold… but I’ve got a steadily blooming ball of excitement in my belly.


Who the heck are Srprs.me??

Srprs.me offers city or backpacking trips for adventure-seekers to choose from. Select how long you want to be away, check that it’s within your budget, then hit GO – they’ll do the rest! The details we gave were our desired airport (Bristol airport – represent!), a long weekend where we were both free, no-go cities that we’ve recently visited or plan to this year… and that’s it. Our own Srprs.me consultant (don’t fuck it up, Wendy) has arranged flights and accommodation from reputable companies, and she’s on hand to chat through any of our worries or questions. We also just saw that you can even give someone a Srprs.me trip as a gift, which would make the raddest wedding gift or graduation present! Hmmm….

We have our own countdown clock on our personal Srprs.me page and this page will reveal the weather of our destination a week before departure. We’ve already invited a few friends (ok, just our mum) to follow our Srprs.me page and as she’s entered her email address, she’ll get pinged an email as soon as our European city location is announced!

Where the heck are we going??

So we jet off in a few weeks to god knows where. Alex is struggling with not being able to look up cool places to eat and drink, I’m struggling with not knowing what to pack or what could be on our itinerary… we’re both struggling with the fact that we’re struggling with no planning. Eugh, what happened to us! Time to go with the flow and embrace the spontaneity that has slowly been eroded over a few years of arranged adventures.

We have received a sexy black envelope to open at the crack of dawn in the airport, and then we’ll be on our merry way to our new favourite mystery destination of 2017… here’s hoping we don’t end up in Kills-ville or Death-City.

Why not follow our Srprs.me page and see what’s in store for us? Or head over to our twitter and instagram as we will definitely be keeping y’all in the loop of our surprising adventure!

Update: If you want to find out all about out our Srprs.me trip and where we ended up going, head on over to our post!

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4 Comments on Where the heck are we going??… with Srprs.me

  1. LaMesha
    April 27, 2017 at 1:01 pm (9 months ago)

    This sounds awesome. I’m not sure I’d be able to handle it, but the idea of not having to plan anything is very tempting. Curious to see where you end up at.

    • Sophie
      April 27, 2017 at 8:28 pm (9 months ago)

      We’re curious too!! 🙂 we’ll be sure to report back!

  2. stephanie
    May 26, 2017 at 3:25 pm (8 months ago)

    I heard about Srprs Me and although it sounds like a lot of fun, I would be annoyed by the fact that I can not plan my days and such LOL.
    HOW did you guys cope with that?


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