5 Stylish Summer Sandals for City Travellers

It may be pretty early in the year to start thinking about summer footwear, but now is the time to snap up some beautiful styles before they sell out. From budget shops to boutique retailers, stylish summer sandals for city travellers have been popping up already (despite these chilly spring rainstorms) and many great styles are already selling out!

stylish summer sandals for city travellers

As a city traveller, you need a decent pair of sandals that are kind to your feet when walking miles, go with everything you’ve packed and can translate to various occasions. A perfect summer sandal should look casual on the streets and dressy in a restaurant or bar – one pair that does both means you can save space and weight in your weekend bag!

5 Stylish Summer Sandals for City Travellers

Alex and I have very different senses of style. We can appreciate each other’s unique dress sense, but when it comes to footwear, we definitely go for polar opposites. Here are our top five picks for summer footwear – can you guess who picked what?


Birkenstocks are a timeless classic which have have been resurrected over the past few years. The Arizona style can be seen all over the place with bloggers and travellers going nuts over them. I recently purchased the plain black strap Arizona Birkenstocks and never looked back – the sole moulds to your feet providing much needed support and stability for when you’re venturing all over a city.

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*Arizona Birkenstocks – black strap and cork sole: Office £59.95 // *Arizona Birkenstocks – blue with white sole: Office £89.95 // *Arizona Birkenstocks – all black leatherOffice £149.95  //  *Arizona Birkenstocks – black with studs: Office £139.95

Leather Sliders

Chic, classy and versatile, sliders are a top choice for a city break. Wander the cobbled streets of Lisbon in a summer dress and leather sliders, and feel just as comfortable pairing them with denim shorts by the sea. Leather sliders won’t go out of fashion – try out some of Australian shoe brand, St Agni, for supple leather in lovely shades.

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*ASOS – Leather Mules: ASOS £18 // Keiko Double Strap Slides – black: St Agni $149 // *ASOS – Fedora Mules: ASOS £22 // Keiko Double Strap Slides – nude: St Agni $149


Mules make a stylish summer shoe for a city trip as they do look smart whilst not making your feet too hot. Breathable, yet closed toe; they won’t make you feel underdressed when entering a posh bar or fancy hotel! I recently snapped up the gorgeous Bunto Woven Loafers (see below) from St Agni as the majority of my vintage brown sandals had given up the ghost. It was a pricey buy, but their quality will last a lifetime and will be a staple to my travel wardrobe for years to come.

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Summer mules

*ASOS Jennie Tassel Mule Espadrilles: ASOS £14 // Bunto Woven LoafersSt Agni $229 (currently sold out) // *ASOS Park Lane Mule: ASOS £30 // HUGO Loafer – tan: St Agni $179 // *ASOS Madrid Leather Mule: ASOS £45

– Flatforms –

A good chunky sole gives us the height we need! They elongate the leg, but won’t have you stumbling on uneven pavements. Not only are they super comfortable to walk in, they also give your feet a bit of protection from whatever you’re walking on… I was grateful for a bit of height when popping into roadside toilets in the Philippines  – my feet were kept a safe distance from the floors that were half an inch under (questionable) water. 

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*ASOS Vagabond Daria – black: ASOS £42 // *Dune Latin Cork Flatforms: ASOS £33 // *Monki Bow Sandals: ASOS £25

Fluffy Sliders

Now this choice is one from Alex, but I do secretly love them too! In Melbourne, I practically pushed her to the till to purchase some grey and black fluffy sliders, and she never looked back. Quirky, fun and colourful – they’ll give your outfit an edge, but just be sure to keep them out of the rain. Soggy sliders aren’t a good look.

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fluffy sliders

*ASOS Pink Fluffie Sliders: ASOS £20 // *ASOS Blue Fluffie Sliders: ASOS £20 // *Topshop Hairy Sliders: Topshop £26 // *Office Grey Fluffy Sliders: Office £28

We may still be clinging onto our winter boots, but spring is definitely on its way! And then before we know it, summer will roll around and we’ll all be hunting for the perfect summer sandal. Invest in a good pair now (many of which we’ve picked out are selling fast!) and pop them into your backpack as you wait for the weather to turn…

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2 Comments on 5 Stylish Summer Sandals for City Travellers

  1. the adventurer
    March 12, 2017 at 1:36 pm (10 months ago)

    Can’t wait to wear sandals soon! Hopefully spring comes early this year in Chicago =o)


  2. Michelle
    November 20, 2017 at 2:34 pm (2 months ago)

    The line “A perfect summer sandal should look casual on the streets and dressy in a restaurant or bar – one pair that does both means you can save space and weight in your weekend bag!” really make sense. It is always great to be a wise traveler. Knowing when it’s best to spend money-worth items especially in sandals. We don’t want to bring different kinds of sandals to our next trip!:)


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