We still love you, New York

With the two recent political blunders that have made 2016 the worst year of the millennium so far, a trip to New York City hasn’t really been top of our list… but unfortunately, we better find a way to get excited as we have booked ourselves on a little break away to the Big Apple in 2017.


Earlier this year, we had whooped with excitement at the thought of a girls holiday with our mum, as we haven’t been on holiday together in nearly 8 years! We ooohed and aaaahed over which area to stay. I messaged friends to get tips on where to brunch, shop and cocktail sip…. and then 2016 kicked it up a notch and shit began to hit the fan: Brexit shattered the dependability of the pound, causing it to plummet and slip almost 20% against the US dollar – a shocking whole new low. Ouch! We sure felt the sting of expense – a trip to NYC wasn’t going to be as cheap as it once was for us Brits.

And of course, the news that Trump was to be the next president of the US not only caused us all to blink, hoping to wake up from this god awful dream, but to worry about what he could bring to the USA in the future. Would New York really be a place we would want to visit next year?


However, we know that New York will always have a special pull to us. It’s not only the UK’s favourite US city to visit, but we have so many feels for the city ingrained in us from a lifetime of watching beautiful and brilliant films set in the city that never sleeps. With television and film instilling the glam and excitement of NYC deep in all us Brits, it will take more than a strange orange-haired man to steal our urge to visit this area of the world.

So many iconic moments have captured us over the years: from Carrie Bradshaw running the streets in crazy high-heels, to our beloved Friends cast sipping coffee on an orange sofa. And from when Harry met Sally to desperately seeking Susan on those famous New York streets… we still love you, New York, and we can’t wait to visit you.


So we will continue to keep our positivity and plan our venture, and try and save those pennies/dimes/cents where we can… Cheapflights and the Post Office have done some in-depth research for a New York Christmas Shopping Guide and have pulled out some great savings that will make a trip across the pond worth it. And if you head off now for a Christmas shopping trip in NYC, you’ll win on real cheap flights as well as feeling properly festive in a fairytale city dusted with snow.

Although the pound isn’t as strong as it once once, you can still snap up some bargains from top brands that you can find in the UK – scroll down to see their useful infographic on Christmas Shopping in New York. And once you’re totally done with the big shiny shop floors, take off into the cobweb of streets and shop like a local New Yorker at brilliant markets, vintage stores and independent brands.


Although 2016 has been tough for many all around the world and politics has made us reel continuously, it’s nearly Christmas and time for fresh beginnings. Bring on 2017, and 2016? We hope the door hits you on the ass on your way out.

New York Christmas Shopping Guide


*This post was brought to you by Saints on a Plane and Cheapflights.co.uk. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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  1. Ramona
    January 18, 2017 at 4:46 pm (12 months ago)

    Hey! Here via instagram. Will check you iut more thoroughly this weekend but I love that cowl on your front page! Happy Wednesday!


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