13 reasons why autumn is England’s best season

I’ve always been a summer baby; someone who relished the warm months where the sun stays up for hours and wooly jumpers get forgotten in the backs of wardrobes. With my birthday smack-bang in the middle of summer, it made sense for the hot season to be my favourite – it was a time of celebration under blue skies and endless summers! But this year, I’m totally convinced that autumn is England’s best season.

13 reasons why autumn is England's best season


With magical golden sunlight, fiery explosions of leaves and a hint of chill in the air, autumn has been brilliant this year. Don’t just favour the warmer months – see why you should visit England during autumn! You’ll fall hard for it too…


13 reasons why autumn is England’s best season

1. This is Halloween!

Ah yes, the season of spooky and all things that go bump in the night! Even if you don’t get dressed up (I get seriously sad if I miss out on a Hallow’s Eve festivities), you’ll feel the excited atmosphere by wandering the streets, peering at glowing carved pumpkins and kids going nuts on the street from delirious sugar-highs. Just watch out for the teens armed with eggs.

2. Time to layer up

With the slight chill hanging in the air, we can finally pull out those wooly jumpers (oh, how I’ve missed you, layers!) and our favourite leather jackets. Autumn jackets only have a life span of a month or so – we have to go all out and wear them to death before the deep freeze catches up with us! All systems GO!


3. The crunch

With the cooling temperatures slowly creeping into our days, the trees begin their natural colourful shows and leaves turn fiery oranges and reds. There’s nothing better than walking to work beneath a rainstorm of leaves that gather into a thick, crackling carpet beneath your feet. Enjoy this now before the rains come and those gorgeous leaves turn into slippery sludge.


4. Warm evenings are celebrated

During summer, you assume that the weather will be ace. As soon as the clouds roll in and the inevitable rain starts, it leaves you bitter and twisted that British summers are such a disappointment. But with autumn, you’re prepared for the cooler temperatures and the odd/rare shower… then when there is the wild card of a warm evening, everyone celebrates. The streets come alive as people spill onto the streets, soaking up (what could be) the last of the summer wine. Parks become populated and pub gardens fill – we don’t let this warmth pass us by unnoticed.

5. Bonfire night

This year, it seems like the whole of Bristol lit up with explosions and shimmering colours. During that lull between Halloween and Bonfire Night, bangs and pops begin as people usually test out their explosives. On the actual night, everyone goes nuts and the sky is filled with zooming colours. Get outside with sparklers (bottle of wine optional), try not to burn your hands off in a bonfire and find a view over the city for a free show.


6. Festive excitement, before the madness

Once Bonfire Night goes out with a bang, we can actually start embracing Christmas. No one can judge if they hear Christmas tunes leaking out your headphones, the lights are getting strung around the shops in town centres, Christmas lists and party plans are vaguely in mind…. it’s all innocent fun at the moment, so enjoy it before the full-blown chaos kicks in and you’re found crying in John Lewis under a clothes rack.


7. Dark evenings are a novelty

The evenings get dusky and dim as the days go by, and as the street lamps flicker on earlier, you feel a twinge of excitement for the festive season fast approaching. Even if you don’t give a damn about Christmas (is it cold having no heart?), this change in season makes for romantic evenings which makes you want to snuggle. It’s not yet ‘Oh shit it’s so cold and dark – I’m never leaving the house’, but more ‘shall we crack out the mulled wine?’.


8. Mulled cider and wine are served again

As mentioned above, mulled alcohol gets whipped up and everyone digs in. The hangovers of last year have been forgotten, we’ve given our sweet tooth a rest and now we’re ready to OD again on these festive drinks. YAY!


9. British pubs begin lighting up their fires

If you visit England in autumn, you will obviously visit a pub. We english have a pretty strong drinking culture, but that may have something to do with the fact that we do pubs better than anyone in the world. We’ve got roaring fireplaces in action, hearty grub sizzling in the kitchens, real ales lined up waiting and shit-tons of wine. There may be a dog/old man snoozing in the corner, and there’s likely a band will begin tooting something.



10. Best time to stargaze

So I hear stargazing is a thing. While I haven’t actually gone out to purposely stare up at the skies with binoculars, I do notice that the dark autumn nights put on a show of far-off galaxies. If you want to properly geek out to the universe, get outside and head to dark sky spots in Britain at this time of year to see some electrifying sights!


11. Time for blankets and slippers

I’m not going to lie. I have been wrapped up in my fluffy dressing gown and slippers all through summer, but now I can actually appreciate the cosiness without feeling faint… It’s time to invest in moccasins, dressing gowns with bear ears and plaid wool blankets! The more we wrap up, the less we’ll be tempted to finally switch on the heating.


12. Let’s get stomping

Time to pull out those boots from under the stairs, wipe off the dust, give them a spray and get stomping around. Hiking boots (apparently they’re trending?), Doc martens, Chelsea Boots – you name it. Get those ankle boots out and stomp through those autumn leaves.


13. Brilliant autumnal light

The low, golden lighting of autumn is simply unbeatable. Brilliant sunsets streak the sky with pinks, oranges, reds – this natural lightshow is guaranteed to make most pedestrians stop, gawk and snap a pic with their iPhone. Good luck getting the perfect shot that captures the autumn magic! We’re still trying to as well.


So there you have it! Autumn brings about scenes of nature at it’s very best, with colours that remind you that the earth is alive. Don’t forget all the cosy treats that make the cooler temperatures totally worth it, and breathe in that crisp air. Autumn is England’s best season, so let’s get out there and soak it up before winter shits all over it.

All photographs by Sophie Saint

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