Digital Detox: Sun’s out, switch off, bikini on

When the summer sun hits, holidays galore are planned. No surprise there. But as travel bloggers, sometimes we’re in need of more than just a summer holiday – we become in dire need of a digital detox.

Have a digital detox - Saints on a Plane

Heading off to a new country or city for a break instantly becomes content and material that gets streamed online, sometimes in real time – it comes with the territory and we’re definitely not knocking it. Fantastical things have come from doing Saints on a Plane, but it’s rare that we get to just switch off and have a digital detox, especially as we slot blogging in around our full-time jobs. We always have to be on it every time we do something interesting or escape our city – the cameras never leave our hands, we’re constantly on the hunt of a great pic to convey a blog topic, the Instagram hashtags are carefully typed, the odd tweet gets flung out, and if we remember, Facebook gets a look in too. Holiday… what’s that?

Digital Detox - Take time for a break

Get with the program: Digital detox

Recently, we went on a holiday together with a big bunch of friends to Calpe – a small coastal town in southern Spain where the sun blazed white-hot, the sea glistening turquoise, the sky was clean of clouds, and giant rock formations sprung out the arid, dusty ground. We had booked a large villa to cater for our group of ten, and with a huge pool and rooftop hot tub, we were insanely excited to be altogether abroad. Not quite ‘Brits abroad’, as thankfully we mainly stayed out of the public eye and around our cool pool that was brimming with colourful inflatables. More on our experience later…

Digital detox - take time to relax

Take a digital detox - Saints on a Plane

Take a digital detox - Saints on a Plane

Sure, there was WiFi, but when I flew home and took a breath, I realised how absent I had been on social media. Plus, I didn’t have the one thousand and one photographs clogging up my SD card or scratched notes relaying the details of the trip to future Sophie – one would think I hadn’t been on holiday (apart from the small bit of sunburn). For my four days of the trip (the others stayed on a few extra days), we had only strayed from the pool for trips to the local supermarket (Prosecco only 2 euros??), some cocktails near the beach and a lovely dinner in Calpe’s old town. Not much of a story or a ‘guide’ from this trip (‘not much of a blogger’ I thought to myself)… but you know what? I had a blissful time.

Take a digital detox - Saints on a Plane

Bikini – Serein Studios

An accidental digital detox

Black maxi dress – George Swimwear*

I had accidentally taken a digital detox and I hadn’t fully understood what it meant until I reflected post-holiday. I had completely switched off, forgetting where (and what) my camera was, taking haphazard snaps when I happened across it, logging on only to share one photograph to my private Facebook profile and completely disregarding Instagram to keep people visually entertained (or so I like to think) with the poolside shenanigans. I had switched off the blogger brain, and popped on my ‘Hey, I’m just a regular holiday-maker. Look at me make holiday’ hat.

George Asda Swimwear

Black maxi dress – George Swimwear*


I had traded in technology and fast-paced social media newsfeeds for bikinis, swimsuits, unicorn inflatables, liqueur-laced iced coffees, sun, mosquito repellent (those bastards always bring the party down) – fair trade? I think so.


A digital detox is exactly what I needed to live a bit more in the present. Soaking up human interactions with buds lying on the next sun lounger, giggling over trashy magazines and repeatedly belly-flopping on inflatables until they burst (RIP the doughnut float) were embraced, instead of the blogger-job of hashtags and filters. I feel zen and ready to get on the blogging horse now – the impromptu and unplanned digital detox worked wonders on my motivation and I think it was a long time coming.

George Asda Swimwear

Blue & white striped kaftan – George Swimwear*

George Asda Swimwear

Blue & white striped kaftan – George Swimwear*

You may notice, if you head to our instagram, that we’re now sharing what pics we have of Spain – go check them out and embrace the latergram! Latergrams should be ok and totally forgivable as not everyone should have to channel their holidays/time off/breaks straight into the public eye. Sometimes it’s nice to be having so much fun that it all takes a backseat. And that’s why we’re doing a crap-ton of latergrams that are reliving our holiday daze even though we’re currently home in Bristol.

George Asda Swimwear

Swimsuit – George Swimwear*

So have you ever completely switched off on a holiday? Have you dared to completely leave your phone off during a trip? Let us know how you survived below, especially if you’re a fellow travel blogger. I don’t think this should be a one-off – embrace the power of no power and wallow in your well-deserved break.

All photographs by Sophie and Alex Saint. Many thanks to George Asda for providing some swimwear for our time abroad.

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  1. the adventurer
    September 13, 2016 at 12:26 pm (1 year ago)

    I took a trip last week for a few days and although I hoped to turn off my phone I did take a few minutes everyday to upload something to instagram but I was away from my phone more than usual and i did soak up as much sun and relaxation as I could =o) Great post =o)


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