7 Feel good essentials to survive a long haul flight

Surviving a long haul flight can definitely be refined to an art form. Trying to figure out exactly what you might need during the hours where you are sitting trapped in a flying capsule 30,000 feet in the air is a touch hard to judge until you’ve taken a few of these flights. The long arduous journey can be knackering and it requires a lot of patience – no one really loves being stuck on a plane for hours, apart from the fabulous jet-setters in the world who have the cash dollar dollar to fly first class of course. Someday I’ll have a private jet….

feel good essentials for a long haul flight

But for those who are stuck in economy with us and are making the best of the teeny personal space, be sure to take a look at the below essentials to ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible on your flight! From the obvious (yet easily forgotten) things, to odd items you may not have thought to pack, these definitely helped my recent flight from London to Melbourne go a touch smoother than usual.

My feel good essentials for a long haul flight

1. Take a carry-on bag that can carry your load: Jurni

Of course a piece of hand luggage is paramount for a long flight. On my recent trip to Melbourne, I took the blue Jurni and I found it to truly be an essential piece of kit. Would you guess that I have never used a suitcase for hand luggage before? I have always crammed all my things into a backpack or a straining shoulder bag, and struggled through airports with the gargantuan weight destroying my shoulders.

jurni suitcase sophie saint

The Jurni is made of lightweight, durable plastic and since it’s a classic suitcase on wheels, i could pop all my heavy items into it leaving my shoulders free from heavy weights. Did you know that you can actually sit on a Jurni and scoot along on the wheels? Pretty handy for when you’re stuck waiting to board your plane and there are no seats.

When going through airport security, I could quickly pop open the Jurni’s special top section and whip out my liquids in their uber stylish clear baggy. My camera was also easily retrieved for the X-ray machine as the front can be popped open (no fiddly zips here!) and my electronics could quickly slot back in during the mad rush post security.

2. Sedate your travel hunger with healthy snacks 

Airplane food is hit or miss. It can either be pretty appeasing and fill that hungry hole that the long, endless travelling hours can create, or it can be like sucking on a piece of cardboard that has been left out in the rain for a few days. Long haul flights mean that you’re stuck with what they give you, so I always make sure that I have a few snacks in my bag, such as my faves: Bounce energy balls.

bounce energy balls snacks on a long haul flight

Packed full of whey protein, gluten free and high in antioxidants, they definitely make for a guilt-free treat. My fave has to be the coconut and macadamia ball – it’s a small snack that packs a healthy protein punch to eradicate any hunger. They won’t bloat you out and will certainly satisfy your sweet tooth with the added cacao – forget about those sugary inflight desserts!

3. Slather on that hydrating lip balm 

The arid plane air in the cabin can dry my face out pretty quickly. I don’t bother with water face sprays which many beauty connoisseurs fly with, nor do I have a complicated regime to combat the moisture void air… but I absolutely must have a rich lip salve to avoid my lips withering to dried husks.

frank body lip balm

I have searched high and low for a great lip salve and the most enriching balm I have found is from the makers behind the Frank Coffee Scrub. You may have seen their ragingly gorgeous instagram feed revolving around their miracle coffee scrub, and now they’ve released other products to match their best-selling scrubs. This thick lip salve contains coffee seed oil that stimulates the collagen in your lips, and moisturises with fatty acids and vitamin e – a simple saviour for the flight that also happens to smell amazing.

4. Keep hydrated on your flight with a BIG water bottle

Staying hydrated should be your No 1 priority on a long haul flight. In fact, it should be your priority on any flight! Flights can be very dehydrating and if you don’t remember to up your water consumption, it will make you feel real bad. Being hydrated is rumoured to help you battle jet lag and I believe there’s truth in this… especially after forgetting my trusty water bottle for one of my recent long haul flights.

take a reusable plactic bottle on a long haul flight

Annoyingly, airport security wont allow you to take more than 100ml of liquids, so forget about bringing through a full bottle of water from the shops before security. Be sure to take an empty bottle with you and fill it up just before you get on the plane – drink as much as you can onboard and do not be afraid to pop into the air stewards quarters to refill your bottle. Just make sure that the bottle is empty when you have to make a transfer as there will be more security checks.

5. Use BB Cream to avoid feeling like an in-flight hag 

When you’re flying high, it’s likely that you won’t be keen to have your usual face of make-up caked on. Having foundation and concealer on your skin for an extended period of time can make you feel a touch uncomfortable. As a girl who just can’t quite let go of make-up, I prefer a lightweight coverage that will keep my skin moisturised whilst also giving a healthy glow.

Take Ren BB Cream on a long haul flight

My go to beauty product is a BB cream, such as, Ren Satin Perfection BB Cream, as it evens my skin tone, fights blemishes and contains antioxidants to reduce the appearance of fine lines. It’s a triple whammy that will leave your face feeling and looking fresh.

6. Bring an Eye Mask (or Scarf) to shut out the light

Most planes will hand out inflight kits for you to make use of during your epic journey and the usual suspects are scratchy socks and eye masks. These eye masks are saviours, as I really struggle to get any shut eye when lights are on. It can still be an issue when the cabin lights are dimmed, as I can struggle to drift off if someone’s using their reading light near me – something to cover my eyes is paramount!

long haul flight essentials scarf

Be sure to bring a comfortable one for your face on a flight, just in case you don’t get an eye mask. Or bring a light scarf in your hand luggage as I find one of these to be a lot more comfortable than a tightly elasticated eye mask. Sure, you may look a touch nuts with a scarf wrapped around your eyes, but if it’s keeping out the light and you can relax, then who cares what you look like!

7. Pop some Valerian Root to help you sleep on flights 

I have always struggled to get to sleep on planes as I feel so aware that there is hustle and bustle going on around me, and usually (like I mentioned) light is a disturbance. But I popped into the UK drugstore, Boots, before my big flight to Melbourne and tried to slyly see if the lady could give me something behind the counter… alas, it wasn’t possible, but some random lady who was shopping pulled me aside and showed me a small pot of Valerian Root pills. Pfffft, how I scoffed at this natural remedy, but they do actually work!

get to sleep on your long haul flight

Valerian is a plant with quite a sweet sickly smell, but the root is dried and used to treat insomnia, anxiety, stress and any other conditions. It calms and relaxes enabling you to get to sleep –  it helped me catch some Zzz’s on my long flight.

The other things I throw into my bag at the last second are my noise cancelling headphones and my portable battery pack. They sure make you feel good when you need to boost the battery on your phone to hear a particular song that has been in your head all day… or to play that Beyonce track for the 100th time – sing me to Dubai, Bey!

Hopefully I’ve included some items which you haven’t thought to pack before, but do let us know what your feel good essentials are! What do you always pack for your long haul flights?

*This post was sponsored by Jurni – I was able to take this new suitcase on my recent trip to Australia to give it a test drive. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

2 Comments on 7 Feel good essentials to survive a long haul flight

  1. the
    June 7, 2016 at 1:54 am (2 years ago)

    I’ve never heard of valerian root but it sounds really interesting to try. I also like to bring a spray bottle that I fill with cool water. It refreshes my face =o) And I recommend taking out contacts and just wearing glasses while you travel, it’s less strain on your eyes.


    • Sophie
      June 30, 2016 at 12:54 pm (1 year ago)

      Ah good thinking about the glasses! I heard the dry air also really dries your eyes out too, making contacts super uncomfortable.


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