Bristol BlogClub with Bath and Unwind

I’m a touch late getting this post up, since the Christmas Bristol Blogclub was held a good month ago, but to distract myself from the January blues, I just rooted through the photos and remembered what a fab time we all had!

What is BlogClub?

blog club

Bristol is an incredibly creative hub which is an up and coming area for all who are into the digital industry. It’s bred a range of talented bloggers who blog about all sorts of things at a high quality, with brands battling to work with them. Forget about London; Bristol is where it’s at if you want to feel a real sense of community and establish close relations with local brands and businesses.

Nearly two years ago, Hayley (Bonjour Blogger) and I set-up Bristol’s first regular blogger meet-up, BlogClub (or #BlogClub) and whilst it may not be monthly as we planned, it’s regular enough for us to know the local bloggers well.

2015 Christmas Bristol BlogClub

Last Christmas, we had a Christmas blogger party at the fantastic hairdressers, Betties and Baldwins… so this year we had to get our thinking caps on to make sure it matched the standard that 2014 had brought. Luckily, local beauty website, Bath and Unwind, stepped up and offered to host our Christmas shindig for 2015!

bath and unwind blogclub

Bath and Unwind is a beauty website that stocks only the highest quality goods and ships products internationally – perfect for those who have specific beauty needs but can’t always find their products on the local high-streets. From flawlessly scented candles to luxurious face creams, they have it all and it can be quite the addictive site to shop on.

bristol blogclub at bath and unwind

connock perfume bath and unwind

Hayley and I arrived early to help prepare the event, but boy did we have it easy. The Bath and Unwind ladies had laid out a whole host of activities and prosecco for the night, plus a nail technician and make-up expert was on hand to give us a bit of a razzle dazzle look! Their HQ made us all green with envy as they actually have a bar lining one of their walls, stocked full of tasty tipples, including the sublime Sibling Gin.

bristol blogclub chrstmas 2015

Photo via BristolFashionista

A quick round of raffle draws saw some ladies win some Burt’s Bees beauty bags, before the Christmas tunes were cranked and we got chatting. A whopping 24 bloggers attended; all from around the Bristol/Bath area and we met so many more newbies than any previous BlogClub. It probably helped that Hayley and I finally set-up a Bristol Blogclub twitter (follow us!) making it a smidge easier to hype the event up, promote the tickets and keep in touch.

being little lily doughball bristol blogclub

bristol blogclub christmas 2015

christmas bristol blogclub hosted by bath and unwind

Bath and Unwind surprised us with a vast array of gingerbread men for us to decorate and embrace our inner child, and once again they generously awarded a few winners with more goodies from their website. We simply felt spoilt and pretty darn festive by the end!

blogger meetup bristol

sophie saint saints on a plane blogclub

Leaving behind a trail of empty prosecco bottles, decapitated gingerbread men and an exhausted Bath and Unwind staff, we finally bid farewell to the last BlogClub of 2015 and went on our merry way. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by the awesome creative powers of Bristol – the bloggers and the local businesses really have catapulted our little events into something quite special. Long live BlogClub!

bristol bloggers christmas event

The last ladies standing: Oh Hello Face, Lily Doughball, Bonjour Blogger, Being Little, Dulcie Dulcie, Bristol Fashionista, Sammy Jones.

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