Worldly Home Decoration For Any Travel Lover

When you have the urge of wanderlust, decorating a house can seem a touch futile – who knows when you’ll flee the coop again and galavant around the world?? That’s what has always held me back from investing in nice items for my house, as I’ve always thought, “What if I hit the road again… I can’t travel with a sofa!”. That thought will always make furniture shopping seem a bit pointless.

george asda saints on a plane

chili plant travellers home saints on a plane

But now I’ve been living in Bristol for just over two years and I’m carving a little life for myself here. It is a touch hard to think of staying in one place for a looong stretch of time, but the up side to that is that I can do some home decoration and make my house a home. Not just an half-way house to crash in before my next flight.

George Home at Asda got in touch to see if we’d like to have a helping hand in styling our homes with some of their lovely Autumn/Winter collection. Influenced by countries all around the world, it seemed very fitting to see what they could add to our little abodes!

jewellery box saints on a plane george asda

Alex and I live in two different inner suburbs of Bristol; she is in Easton and I am in Montpelier. Although we’re about a 35 minute walk apart, we’re also both super close to train stations so I could literally get to her place in 10 mins. I feel pretty lucky to be living so close to her after living all those years on the other side of the world! Alex is currently staying at a friends as she is currently house hunting (Huzzah! Real adult stuff!) so it was a bit painful for her to browse the selection as she has to refrain from house shopping until, well, she has a house.

We both feel that a home should be cosy. End of. We’re not a fan of the minimalist look, and although it looks chic on the Instagram accounts that we follow, it just doesn’t seem homely! We picked out cosy cushions, one in a cosy cable knit and another with a twee ‘Home Sweet Home‘ motif, plus some very beautiful bedsheets.

home sweet home cushion george asda saints on a plane

We’re a pair of suckers for trinkets and boxes as well. With a plethora of knick-knacks and jewels that we’ve picked up around the world, it can make things a touch messy if you don’t have the right storage for them. We’re both guilty of leaving everything scattered across every surface, making us look like mad hoarders of the Southwest. To help make the most of the limited space in Alex’s in-between home, Alex picked up the wooden drawers from the Harmony range to help her store away her bits and bobs. We love the carved wood as it’s all very Midsummer Nights Dream – how any cosy bedroom should look.

carved trinket box george asda saints on a plane

As Alex and I have different tastes, I went for a simple gold and glass jewellery box – the first jewellery box that actually makes me untangle the immense collection of chains and necklaces. Took a few hours, but placing travel tokens into such a box makes you feel like you’re really showcasing your fave pieces.

george asda jewellery box glass

george asda jewellery trinket box glass saints on a plane

I have an unhealthy obsession with terrariums and succulents. Having a large collection of little plants and cactuses can really brighten up a room, who cares if theres’ no more room to eat dinner on your dining room table?

cactus succulents home for a traveller saints on a plane

cactus succulents saints on a plane travellers home

Sure, my succulents may struggle to survive as I’m not exceptionally green-fingered, but that won’t stop me with my planting dreams. I immediately fell for the glass terrarium that was inspired by organic goodness and simple country living. Although I live in a city, it doesn’t hurt to add a bit of country charm to your home. Popping some plants in rooms is a cheap, easy and brilliantly effective home decoration hack! An immediate daub of colour to a space.

george asda terarrium

Some homely touches with worldly inspiration behind the designs can really help transform your house into a home. A helping hand from lovely collections, like those at George Home, make it easy to pep up your space and add a special touch to your rooms. So… looks like I’ll be staying in Bristol for a while because I’ll be damned if I’m leaving behind that sweet terrarium!

george asda bed sheets saints on a plane travellers home

Many thanks to George Home for helping us decorate our abodes – all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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