These boot are made for walking: Ted and Muffy

With the cold nights, early sunsets and brutal mornings of darkness, I can safely say that ‘winter is coming’ – and that line will never get old. It’s one thing having to deal with the fact that summer is gone, but it’s quite another to have to face the cold mornings after a cosy night in bed.

I’m looking forward to getting that extra hour of sleep when the clocks go forward in the UK, and to be honest, whilst a change in season is a shock to the system, it is welcomed. It means that Christmas is just around the corner and we can wrap ourselves up in wool jumpers, faux fur coats and leather boots, chortling ‘Ho Ho Ho’ with a mug of mulled wine.

But the eternal search for the perfect boots has been going on for a while for me. In Bristol, I walk heaps. Tons. Almost 5 miles a day. And when I’m travelling, walking is my preferred mode of transport as I’m less likely to be swept away on a bus or train to somewhere far from my destination. Yes, I have a habit of getting lost but as long as I’ve got boots that are made for walking, then I can find my way home.

ted and muffy bath boots saints on a plane

I was invited down to the beautiful store, Ted and Muffy, in Bath to see their new winter collection and was surrounded by fine, quality leather footwear at every turn. The boutique boot designers specialise in a variety of width fittings and calf fittings, meaning that whatever style you’re after, you can find the right fit for you. They call this the Fairytale Fit and it’s their promise to find something that will comfort your feet.

ted and muffy perfect fit wide boots

ted and muffy quality boot store Bath

ted and muffy Bath

I’ve been cursed with feet as wide as boat paddles which is great when walking across sand, but a real pain when finding shoes that fit. At Ted and Muffy, we got to try on a variety of style and fittings; from thigh-high sexy suede boots to smart Chelsea flat boots, shiny brogues to heeled shoe boots.

ted and muffy boots bath saints on a plane

ted and muffy boots bath sophie saint

ted and muffy winter boots

ted and muffy brogues bath saints on a plane

At the autumn/winter preview, the lovely ladies were patient as I ploughed through my choices, trying to find the one that fits juuuuust right whilst balancing copious amounts of Presecco beside me. I had my eye on the Arietty ankle boot before the event and I’m quite proud to say that I’m now at the level where I know exactly what my style is, what looks like it could be comfortable and what will go with most outfits. And what can I say? In a wide fitting, it was like a glove.

ted and muffy winter boots wide fittings saints on a plane

Arietty ankle boot ted and muffy sophie saint

If you struggle finding boots that can cater for your foot or calf width, then it’s best to hit up a specialist store, like Ted and Muffy, instead of trying to wedge your poor feet into high street brands. I have the scars on my feet to prove it’s a bad idea, and I’ll be letting you know how this wide fit fares for me during this winter! Especially for the busy trip to Estonia I have planned in December… excellent.

A big thank you to Ted and Muffy for inviting me to their Autumn/Winter preview.

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