How to keep that Summer glow

Here in England, it seems like it’s all over. For us summer babies, the season that we relish and live for is now over, and whilst we forlornly pack up our bikinis and sun tan lotion, we grimly face the dark times. Winter.

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Our summer rejuvenated skin is now feeling the cold and losing that revitalised glow we painstakingly nursed every time we got that sweet shot of Vitamin D. The British summer has pretty much been swept away as cooler weather has arrived to rain all over our parade and shield the sun from us.

Whilst Alex and I managed to cram in one last summer getaway in Lisbon to beat those tragic summertime sadness, it should be noted that there are some beauty products you should keep in your bathroom cupboard that can help keep that summer glow. Bring on the winter with these sweet smelling goodies!

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Frank Coffee Scrub

If you haven’t spied Frank on Instagram, then you’re missing out on a treat. This Australian company has sky-rocketed to fame with it’s divine coffee scrub designed to erase stretch marks, scars, eczema and dry skin.


Sure, Frank likes to get pretty messy in the bathroom, but if you have the time and the patience (to clean it all up afterwards), you’ll be blessed with the softest skin imaginable. Not to mention the lovely aroma that all coffee or cacao lovers would kill to smell of!



Perfect for buffing up your skin to slough off any dead cells and help bring out that holiday tan, Frank Coffee Scrub is really a year round scrub that all should have in their bathroom. If Frank was a real man, I’d be stalking him by now.

Buffy – Lush

This clean little square bar of shea butter and essential oils is the perfect moisturising shower bar for when you just don’t have the time to clean up after Frank.

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Once you’re clean and still wet from the shower, grab the bar and scrub your body to get rid of any dead skin. It smells fresh with scents of lavender oil, cocoa butter and shea butter, plus it contains ground rice to help with the scrubbing.

It’s super moisturising once you’ve rinsed it off, you don’t need to bother applying moistursing lotion afterwards. It’ll leave you skin with a dewy light shimmer and keep your skin looking vibrant even when summer’s long gone!

Full of Grace – Lush

When I went to the opening of Lush’s new Bath Spa a fewmonths ago, i indulged in a bit of shopping whilst there. It’s really too hard to leave empty handed.

sophie saint saints on a plane lush spa bath

Lush cheerleader Megan, from Briar Rose Blog, was there and helped me pick out something to smear on my face for nighttime to pump my face full of moisture. She led me to Full Of Grace, and whilst I was dubious about rubbing a bar (of what looked like soap) on my face, one look at her flawless skin and I was sold.

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It’s a serum in a solid form which slowly melts as it heats against your skin. Rub your fingers on one side to begin the melting process and then rub it on your face. You really don’t need much and you can continue to rub it in once enough is applied – it might look like your skin has got mega greasy but it sinks in as you sleep.

From the smell, you’d never guess it contains Portobello mushrooms for their skin-protecting vitamins and minerals. Chamomile blue oil and calamine powder helps calm the skin, and I’ve never broken out whilst using it! A well-moisturised face is a must to keep looking bright in the mornings. Not to mention, it will keep those crows feet at bay.

Korres Pomegranate Balancing Moisturiser*

So you’re face at night is being kept pumped full of essential oils, but what about your everyday face cream?

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Bath and Unwind sent me some beauty goodies to try out, including the small glass jar of Korres Pomegranate Balancing Moisturiser. I’m the kind of gal who sticks to one thing that works, without deviating for years, but I must admit that the packaging and smell of this cream made me dip my fingers in.

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A well moisturised face is key to looking fresh and a whole less haggard in the mornings, especially if you’re not topped up with a decent nights sleep or have a slight tan from the summer sun! The carob tree and provitamin B5 help you retain long-term hydration and it stops your face from feeling dry. I actually switched back to my usual face moisturiser recently to save what’s left pf this little pot, and immediately, my make-up seems caked on in comparison. D’oh.

Whilst I am after that summer glow, I’ll never sacrifice safety and always use a face cream with SPF. This moisturiser has a natural sunscreen of titanium dioxide and also contains avocado extract to prevent premature skin ageing. It is possible to keep that summer glow without sun baking your face for hours!

Natural Spa Factory Gold Dry Body Oil

In the summer, I went to Bath and Unwind HQ for a BlogClub gathering. When we left, we were presented with some gorgeous little goodie bags, each with a different product, and I seriously lucked out on my mini-haul!

When I left, I found I had the Natural Spa Factory Gold Dry Body Oil which was in a beautiful 100ml glass bottle, with a rubber pipette in the lid. Packed full of jojoba and apricot, it exudes a delicious almond scent and is full of shimmering sparkles that you can use on your face, body and hair!

I took it on my recent trip to Lisbon as I realised Alex was a mahogany brown from her summer travels, but I was as pasty as the day I was born. More subtle than trying to whack on a quick job fake tan, it added a shimmer to my skin that I will continue to use deep into the winter.

Gradual Tanning Milk  (Everyday) – Bondi Sands

If you’re crying out for more than a shimmer of gold in the winter, then perhaps a subtle self tanning lotion is for you. Whilst the Dry Body Oil did the job in Lisbon, one look at my sisters skin made me positively green with envy.

IMG_1201 copy

Whilst it is mainly from her time in Barcelona, she also let me into a little secret…. she had been using Bondi Sands to top up her tan. I had never heard of this brand before, but seeing the results on my sister, I immediately bought a bottle.

I’m not one who’s keen for the deep dark leather-sofa fake tan nor the orange ‘you’ve-been-tangoed’ style (who is?!), so I’m using this product carefully to ensure I don’t end up a streaky mess covered in tide marks.

One application and you already see it doing it’s job the next day. It’s a self-tanning moisturiser designed for everyday use, so there’s no worry of getting too dark too quickly. It’s a light and super natural tan that can be layered up over a few days, and with not one streak in sight!

it still has a bit of the strange tanning smell, but it’s definitely one of the nicer ones. Infused with cocoa butter scents, antioxidants, aloe vera and vitamin E, it’s a moisturiser that goes that one step further in helping you keep that summer glow.

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So join us in kitting yourself in combating the winter! Who wants to be a dry old husk when the cold temperatures roll around? Who wants to live without a shimmer on their skin? Not us, and we’ll try and keep this summer feeling going for as long as possible… or until our lotions and potions run out.

Farewell, summer…. You treated us well.

*Bath and Unwind gifted me the Korres Pomegranate Balancing Moisturiser to review. All opinions are my own.

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