Travel Necessity: A light SPF 50 for your face

I’ve never really been fussy about what I chuck into my travel toiletries bag, until this year. I have always been quite blasé when it comes to shoving products into my luggage and the decisions usually revolve around what is light and compact enough, and what just does the job.


But this year, I’ve turned a corner regarding what I apply to my skin. It might be because of my recent birthday which marked my first proper ‘Sweet Jesus, I’m old!’ moment or the fact that my tastes are going from budget beauty to quality beauty now that I can afford to. I’m keen to splurge more on a product now than ever before, and it’s reflected in the contents of my travel toiletries bag.

Although my choices are still dictated around the hand-luggage allowances, as I usually fly with only carry-on, I’m happy that there are a number of things I can travel with that will stay within the 100ml limit, yet provide nourishing qualities to my tired skin.

I went on two trips this year with two different sun protection products that contain SPF 50. Some argue (or they’re internet myths) that anything above SPF 30 provides no further sun protection, but I think that is absolutely ridiculous. When I was surfing in Fuerteventura, I would have been fried alive if I had been running about in the surf for 5 hours without anything less than SPF 50. I even managed to nick some of my instructors zinc stick as the sun was so strong, it actually scared me a bit! Sun damage is real, people, and it’s not something to ignore nor take lightly: UVA/UVB sun rays cause premature ageing of the skin. Fact.


However, SPF 50 sun protection is usually real thick. I always buy sun cream when I get to a destination as there’s no way a 100ml bottle for your body should last long under a scorching sun, but using a generic suncream on my face is problematic as it’s so thick and greasy – not great for a face that is prone to an oily T-zone! I had to slather a SPF 50 sunscreen onto my face and it slicked me down so people could see their own reflection on my forehead and nose. Not great.

Bath and Unwind were kind enough to send me some products to test out whilst on my travels after I met them at June’s BlogClub in Bristol. They are a classy online beauty store that only stock some of the best beauty products from all over the world, focusing on quality and unique products. It’s brought together on one site so you can shop for all your beauty needs and get your favourite products shipped to you wherever you may be in the world!

In Fuerteventura, I used whatever SPF 50 cream I could find in their supermarkets, but when I went to Estonia the other month I tried Alpha H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50+. I’d never thought to use a separate suncream on my face as it had always just meant more spending (and carrying) to me, but it does make sense to carry a light SPF 50 for your face when abroad.


The high-protection cream comes in a handy 50ml tube with a pump-action head, making it an easy to carry (and apply!) product that can travel in your handbag. It helps that it’s under 100ml for when I’m just travelling with hand luggage as well.

This was one of the products gifted to me, and I was slightly dubious about using a SPF 50+ on my face. I didn’t want a heavy greasy product on my face, like the generic SPF 50 creams, so tentatively used a tiny blob on my face. The small application sank in immediately with great coverage, leaving a minimal oily sheen that was practically non-existent compared to a regular suncream.


I was totally duped by how quickly it sank in that I even put another layer on top thinking that I hadn’t applied enough. Turns out it is light enough to be used as an everyday moisturiser! The cream dries on contact with the skin with a silky finish, but I felt it wasn’t as matte as described on the website. However like I mentioned, I have an insanely oily T-zone so if anyone can find me a product that truly matifies me, then I’ll give you my life-savings* as I’m yet to find one.

The formula combines five high protection filters to reduce the impact of free radicals and environmental factors, plus my face did not feel tight or dry throughout the day. As both a high SPF sun protection and a daily face moisturiser, it did the job fantastically without making me look like a hot, oily mess.



It’s perfume-free and blended with antioxidant Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to combat premature ageing, which is a relief to my inner “I’m-getting-old” diva. I’m not one to usually think about lines and wrinkles, but as I draw closer to 30 it’s something I should begin to factor into my beauty regime and ensure that my face is suitably nourished during my travels.

An easy product that provides multiple benefits to your skin when you’re travelling; Alpha H Daily Essential Moisturiser is a brilliant light SPF 50 for your face when under the sun. Skin protection should never be compromised, and it needs to be remembered at all times – not just when you’re lying on a tropical beach. Be sure to provide your skin with the help it needs!


Alpha H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50+: £29.00

Available from

This post was sponsored by, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

*I lie. I have no life savings.

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