Where to stay in Soho: Glam it up at W London

Being quite the budget traveller, I rarely stay in really nice and posh hotels. But when I get the opportunity to sleep somewhere as glamorous and swish as W London, who am I to say no?

The W Hotels are a chain of boutique design hotels that stretch all around the world. In all the top destinations in the world, the beautiful hotels stand proudly; flawless in comfort and detail. From New York to Barcelona, from Beijing to Paris, and from Dubai to Amsterdam, you can book a room and really feel like a pop star who’s jet-setting the world.

W London Sophie Saint Saints on a Plane

With London being a quick 1.5 hours away from Bristol on the train, it was the perfect destination for a weekend city break and get to do some serious spending. For once, my boyfriend went all out with the shopping in the quirky vintage stores, whereas I went all out for the ridiculous amounts of cocktails available in the uber cool area of Soho. I do love London and often ponder if I should have moved there before living in Bristol… but it’s a great place to do fleeting visits before meandering home a broken woman.

Soho, China Town, Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square all revolve around W London making it a top place to rest your head if you want to experience central London. I had a list of places I wanted to eat and drink, as I could really indulge on seeing the nightlife without the niggling thoughts of how I was going to get home. No night bus or running for the last train home for me!


Finding the hotel was easy as pie. Especially as it’s a looming, huge, opaque glass building that starkly contrasts with the surrounding old ye english London architecture. It’s a modern monstrosity that is both exciting and intimidating from the outside! The huge light-bulbed W at the entrance is also a clue of the building.

W london saints on a plane

I immediately felt like I was entering a nightclub as the glossy black interiors and the security guards made it feel like I was entering a world for the elite. A friendly member of staff helped me to the reception where I was dazzled by the disco balls and sleek shiny floors. I’ve never been anywhere like it! I could spy the bar and restaurant with a glass wall window through a doorway besides the line of receptionists awaiting to check me in.


With a room on the sixth floor, I headed up excited for the view. This place is MASSIVE and the other guests were dressed impeccably, toting shopping bags from Gucci and Prada. I felt a touch under-dressed, but you don’t care one bit once you enter your room.

W London Saints on a Plane Sophie Saint

I was immediately stunned by the consistent shininess that W London has. All the walls surrounding the glossy, white island bench were mirrored, reflecting the lights in all directions. Yeah, you could say it was well lit! The walls were perfect for trying on your outfits, doing your hair, applying your make-up, and just generally taking some goofy selfies.

W London Sophie Saint Saints on a Plane

If you need a better close-up when getting ready, there’s a smaller mirror lit up with a circle of light on the table top. The sink is sunken into the table top, but be sure to look beneath the island as there’s shelves of every ind of necessities that you have forgotten on your trip. I get really excited about the little extras that hotels supply! We’re not talking about a shoddy toothbrush and dental floss; there was shoe polish, ear plugs, a sewing kit, a razor… I immediately had a kit that I could pop into my hand-luggage for my next trip abroad! Don’t worry, I didn’t swipe the entire lot.

No expense was spared in the fit out; from the lovely design chair to the funky lamp, and from the soft pillows to the range of reading material left out for you. The plush double bed faces the mini-bar and martini glasses, and a massive TV, covered in comfy pillows. The way every decadent hotel’s bed should be. But I suddenly thought, ‘Where the heck is the bathroom?!’. No doorway could be seen and I actually began to wonder if this gorgeous room actually had a share bathroom somewhere down the hall! Ridiculous.

W London Sophie Saint Saints on a Plane

One of the mirrors near the entrance swung out to reveal a compact bathroom, and another mirror concealed the toilet. Thank god.

But enough of the room! I was in London and there was definitely more to do than sit in a room. As you may already know, I bloody love Asian food so with Chinatown on my doorstep it only made sense to eat my fave cuisine.

chinatown W London saints on a plane sophie saint

Dozo Sushi on Old Compton Street is the place to be so book ahead so you can skip happily past the queue into the barrage of delicious smells inside. Peer at everyone else’s plates to see the huge variety of sushi and try not to drool too much. Get the Bento Box if you want to try a little bit of everything, and the soft shell crab is definitely a must!

saints on a plane W London sophie saint

If you fancy a little night cap or a bucket of it, then you’re truly spoilt for choice. To cut straight to the good stuff, head to my Soho favourite, Barrio Central, where the mojitos are perfection. If it’s too packed (which it does get on the weekend), then walk up the street to B-Soho where the vibe isn’t as great but you’ll get a great drink still!

W London saints on a plane sophie saint

I loved the fact that W London was so incredibly positioned by my favourite spots of Central London. Not only did I get to preen in the beautiful mirrors and lie on a plush bed of incredible comfort, but I was a lift-ride away from the bustling nightlife of one the of the best cities in the world.

If you have it in your budget for a stay at W London, then definitely go for it! Wear a fur coat, don some sunnies and feel like you’re a billion bucks in the decadent shininess of it all.

Thank you W London, I totally had a blast!

all photographs by Sophie Saint, apart from image 4 via W London.

2 Comments on Where to stay in Soho: Glam it up at W London

  1. Henar
    May 31, 2015 at 3:45 pm (3 years ago)

    WOW! This place looks amazing! I always have trouble deciding where to stay in London. I’ll have to keep this one in mind next time I’m in town! Thanks! 😀

    • Sophie
      June 1, 2015 at 10:18 am (3 years ago)

      Ah thanks Henar! It really was super glitzy – you’ll properly be staying in London in style! xx


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