Treat Yourself!

With the internet nearly breaking from the weight of Valentine’s Day the other week, I thought sometimes it’s best to forget all about buying the cards, chocs and flowers, and treat yo self.

Valentines was getting to the point of nearly making me pass out from the sheer volume of outfits, make-up, romantic destinations that was circulating on the interwebs. Sure, it was all pretty and sexy and hot, but when you’re in constant vicinity of the internet you soon feel near blind from all the love.

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Maybe I’m a touch bitter because my boyfriend flew to Hamburg for the weekend and I had massive FOMO, but at least it got me thinking more about… me. What did I want to do around this ‘all lovers of the world unite’ time of year? If I had no lover to share it with, the answer was to shower myself with a bit of love and be around great ladies. You’ve heard of Galentine’s, right?

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A top way of treating yourself and getting back in touch with the ole self is to head to your nearest spa and chill the heck out. A pool would be good, but as long as there’s treatments in a comfortable, clean and zen place, then that you’ve got yourself a winner! Most cities have some indulgent spa loitering in the centre, and I was reminded by this fact when I got to visit the Mercure Bristol Holland House Spa in Bristol.

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Bristol is an awesome city that’s bustling and busy, but at a size that’s manageable and easy to deal with. It’s not as stressful as London, but it’s definitely not as diabolically boring as my home village. During your everyday normal routine in a city, it’s easy to walk past places without giving it a second thought until someone drags you in and says LOOK.

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This was the case with the Mercure, but once I stepped through the doors it quickly had my attention. It was spacious, airy, clean and relaxing. A bunch of us had gathered there for nibbles, treatments and WINE, so it was a lovely way to chill-out and have a good ole natter.

I was pretty impressed with the size of the spa and the food was pretty divine! You see that Chinese-style pork? All of that and more was stuffed into my belly. #NoRegrets.

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Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try any treatments as I had to run to Colston Hall for a gig, but from the looks of my friends pedicure and eye-brow wax, these beauticians know what they’re doing!

We were all super relaxed and sipping/chugging on delicious wine, talking at a mile a minute. The perfect way to spend a Thursday evening, and boyfriend? Sorry, who? Ah, he can stay in bloomin’ Hamburg if I get to do this more often with such lovely ladies!

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After all the Valentine’s drama/trauma/excitement (delete where appropriate), don’t forget to dedicate some days where you fully focus on yourself and shower yourself with treats. I personally say, do it as much as you can doll, and head to your nearest spa with girlfriends to chill-out.

Everyone needs a touch of R&R, and in the wise words of Ru Paul, “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?!”

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All photographs by Sophie Saint. Much wine was involved.

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