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Fashion and travel. These two pillars shape my life. I scroll through endless beautiful locations and outfits, gleaning all that I can. They are the source of inspiration behind my daydreaming and everyday reality… And when I find those certain someones who actually manage to bring the two together in perfect harmony, it gets me pretty obsessed with them and a daub jealous.

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Fashion can sometimes be a real fussy thing. It can involve layers, precious jewelry, heavy items, garments that can crease easily and things that constantly need adjusting as you prance around town. If you are able to stuff all your carefully styled outfits into a backpack, jet off around the world and still look incredible when you get to your destination/s, then kudos to you. You are my hero!

Too many times have I thrown caution to the wind, given zero fucks and slobbed out in a beach hut with an over-sized tank top, hair whipped into a knotted bun and the staple denim shorts that could stand up by themselves from the stiffening sea salt. I’m not afraid to confess that sometimes when I travel, I look like I’ve been dragged through a rain forest backwards and been holed up on an island with only a football for company, Castaway style.

I don’t feel any pressure to look boho, hippie, sleek, styled or like any of those Pinterest famous beach models, as the heat usually gets me crawling into whatever airy moo-moo dress I can find. However, it doesn’t stop me from longingly stalking some of my favourite fashionable travellers!

So without further ado, have a gander at my top favourite travellers who just look freaking awesome all the time. No matter how hot the heat gets or the amount of sand involved, they always look cool.

1. Yishyene from Small Crazy  –  Instagram: @smallcrazy

Born and raised in Malyaisa, Yishyene has travelled the world extensively and loved every second of it. her style is eccentric, shiny, colourful and just plain FUN! She’s gone done some pretty crazy stuff in 36 countries and over 100 cities, which include bungee jumping, canyoning, paragliding and climbing, whilst continuously looking pretty darn sweet.


At 17, Japan gave her her first taste of wanderlust, and she found herself studying in Australia before moving to London.

I love her style because it’s so funky and she works it so well! She’s a colourful character of inspiration. Her style reflects her zest for life: “Let’s live a life rich with diversity and colour.” Amen Sista!





2. Kirsty from Kirsty Wears  –  Instagram: @kirstywearsblog

This pretty cool fashion blogger is currently living on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand. Anyone I spy on social media who is living in Asia evokes strong feelings of jealousy and Asia lust. It looks like living in paradise with not a worry in the world!


A girl after my own heart, she’s taken up crochet and begun whipping out some pretty sweet tops and bikinis, which are pretty impressive! I’ve stalked her and hounded her through instagram about the wide legged H&M trousers (see below) and she was super kind enough to give a shout-out when she spied them in the H&M sale. I snapped them up faster than you could say “Lets move to Thailand!”.

Now if only she could send me a pair of those rad sunnies…




3. Katie from The Travelling Light  –  Instagram: @thetravellinglight

This Aussie girl left a marketing job and took off around the world to freelance. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it? Her blog documents her mission to find the special, secret, soul-filled places to visit around the world, and she creates free city guides. And her photos look incredible.


I discovered her photos through an instagram challenge with travelettes and haven’t looked back since! She has a great style that I would mimic in my home city, and always looks great in vintage outfits.

The last two photos are from her time in Hoi An, the mecca for tailored items in Vietnam. I got a few dresses made while I was there, but now I wish I had got a bit more experimental like her outfits!





4. Jill & Kyla from Our Wild Abandon  –  Instagram: @ourwildabandon

Now these ladies surely need a very short introduction! They are the travel blogging phenomena of Our Wild Abandon, who’s signature poses have inspired many fans to impersonate and send into them.

Their blog is a photogenic partnership between two friends who sold everything they owned and hit the road.


Not only do they look great, but their photography is stellar. These very fashionable travellers will make you laugh, wish you were on the road with them, and also wonder how they manage to carry so many great clothes with them. I salute you, Jill and Kyla. You ladies are beyond rad.





5. Sacha from @gypsietears

I met Sacha in Melbourne or Perth (my memory ain’t as good as it used to be) through a mutual friend. She soon moved to London where she lived a very cool lifestyle in Brick Lane as a professional dancer (modern, not the exotic kind). She frequented numerous European destinations, before recently heading back to Australia.


Sacha doesn’t have a blog, but I am totes addicted to her instagram. Not only are her dancing pictures epic, but her sense of style is flawless. And to top it off, she’s become a qualified yoga instructor. She lives life to the full and looks pretty damn good while she does!





6. Magdalena from @themagdalenaexperience

This woman is kick-ass. Those are the perfect words to describe her really!

Magdalena is rock n roll, has toured with Dave Grohl, loves shooting guns, and is always jumping on Harleys.  She’s a professional photographer who’s shot for the likes of Urban Outfitters, Mr Porter and Lee Jeans, plus she has a deep relationship with rock and roll.


She has plenty of side projects on the go, and one is called ‘The Magdalena Experience’, which usually involves herself topless or fully naked facing out to some wonderful landscape. I know her ass better than her face because I obsessively follow ‘the experience’ snap after snap. She’s got an amazing instagram full of photos that make you want to road trip around America. With her. Forever.





7. Tasha from @gypsy_wandering

I’m not sure how I began following Tasha on Instagram, but have been for years! Her shots are full of a dreamy, sun soaked, hippie beach life that is drenched with love. Her captions are always heart felt and caring, and of course her photos are beautiful.

She lives in Byron bay in Australia, which suits her down to a tee due to it’s epic coastline, vegan/clean eating lifestyle and hippie style. There is no end to the amount of gorgeous clothes she wears and a lot of them are Australian brands and from Byron Bay’s very own boutiques.


So adorable and an inspiration to pack up and move to Byron bay.




8. Jessica from Tuula  –  Instagram: @tuulavintage

Now, I left the most epicly fashionable traveller that Alex and I follow till last. She has 1.4 million instagram followers for a reason! Well, many reasons…

1. She’s a total babe

2. Her clothes are second to none

3. She goes to the most jaw-dropping locations that might actually get you buying a ticket to the other side of the world.


Jessica Stein is another Aussie who flies to exotic locations as a freelance travel and personal style blogger. Her clothes are impeccable and she is definitely one of those gals who makes me ponder, “HOW DOES SHE LOOK SO FLAWLESS when I would be sweating like a pig?!”.

But I take my hat off to Jessica, and aspire to look as fabulous as she does whilst jet setting the world!






So to all ladies who are looking for some style inspiration for their travels, whether they’re heading to the beach or into a city, have a follow of these ladies and you’ll soon be full of ideas!


All photographs have been sourced from the instagram/blog of the lady profiled. Top image/featured image via @tuulavintage.

2 Comments on Fashion & Travel: The top girls who do it best

  1. Kirsty
    January 27, 2015 at 11:13 am (3 years ago)

    eeeep thank you so much for featuring me as one of your top travel girls, too too kind. AND super happy you managed to get them H&M trousers 🙂 I loved reading this post, and found some great travel blogs to have a nosy on.

    Thanks again lovely 🙂 xx

    • Sophie
      January 27, 2015 at 11:15 am (3 years ago)

      You are more than welcome, Kirsty! I introduced your blog to my sis and she’s loving it too 🙂
      Bring on the summer sun so I can get those trousers on – Thanks so much for letting me know 🙂 xx


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