November Instagram: London, London, Bloggers & Cocktails

November was an insanely busy month for me! Not only did I hit up London about 5 times, but there were a huge amount of blogger events held and cocktails consumed. I do love London but I feel incredibly burnt out from the amount of travelling I did between Bristol and London. I think the MegaBus severely damaged my butt from the amount of hours I spent sitting on them, but hey, to travel on a budget they are pretty good! Also, as I kept popping over on weekends, the sheer crowds in central London turned me into Sophie, the uber bitch who’ll scowl at any one who looks at her. Especially if she’s busily wolfing down some food in a hungover stupor. Don’t. Look. At. Me.

Ok, so I’ll begin with being straight up and letting you know that I’m beginning with a lie…. As we completely forgot/didn’t have time to do an October Instagram, I didn’t get a chance to share some instagram shots of an InstaWalk trip I did with The Tower Knightsbridge Hotel. They put us up in the Tower and toured the area, showing us all the delights of Knightsbridge. The area is the most expensive area of central London and is full of beautiful mews, boutique shops, fancy designer stores and adorable English pubs.



Myself and some other bloggers (Lily Melrose, Jen Riley, Kit Lee) got taken to florists, chocolatiers, candlemakers and for cream tea at the hotel. We got to see some pretty epic views from the top of The Tower! I have to say, I felt pretty lucky to be able to go on this trip as I got to see aspects of London which I would have never been able to access or would have even thought to check out!



A good University friend of mine was getting married so I headed over  for the Hen Party. It was quite a civilised affair with minimal drinking and plenty of culture, and I had to skip the roller disco due to fear of breaking my old fracture.

We hit up the British Museum to see an ancient Egypt exhibition (we studied archaeology together) and made pasta at Jamie Oliver’s flag ship store/restaurant in Notting Hill. I’m not a huge pasta fan, but to sample some by a chef personally trained by Jamie was pretty good!


As it was November, brands went a lil cray with blogger events for the run up to Christmas. I was invited along with other rad local bloggers to a Bonfire Night themed evening hosted by Rainbow Club. They are based in London and create beautiful bridal shoes, which they can transform into any colour you want. All you have to do is send a sample of fabric you want the shoes to match and they’ll make it happen. Now they’re branching out to any shoes, not just for weddings, so check them out if you’re struggling to find your perfect party shoe!

We were given shoes to decorate ourselves. I went for a Bollywood style shoe (travel blogger and all), and even though I didn’t win (boooo) it was a fantastic night with toffee apples, burgers and cocktails.
Gina from StyleTribe hosted a blogger clothes swap which was awesome. I got rid of some loved but hardly worn clothes, and picked up an awesome black turtle neck off Amie from Credit Crunch Chic and a fur jacket from Lily (Lily Doughball). It was great to see some of my clothes begin cherished by other bloggers, such as Emily from Mermaid Gossip!


So then it was BACK to London for my friends wedding. It was in All Hallows by the Tower church, one of the oldest churches in London. It was nestled between the Tower of London where the field of poppies were still there for Remembrance day and then the reception was on a boat on the Thames. We got to see the sights of London by water and everything was lit up and looking beautiful. My boyfriend, Sam, had never really seen London before so it was a great way for him to see the big smoke!


The Body Shop hosted an evening for bloggers where they showcased their awesome make-up range. A make-up artist was on hand to show us all the special goodies they now have in store (read our blog post on it here).

And then, once again, I headed back over to London to have a stay at W London. This awesome design hotel is smack bang in the middle of Soho, Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. Basically it is THE place to stay if you want luxury and location. You can run amok in Soho at all their wicked Japanese restaurants and cocktail bars before stumbling back to the hotel and passing out. I’ll be reviewing it for….




So that is a quick run down of my month in November. It was real hectic and busy, traversing across the country multiple times and hanging out with rad bloggers and friends. It was a fantastic month, but now I need to get blogging more, buy Christmas presents, get a touch of R&R and basically chill the heck out whenever I can in between festive events.

And boy, there will be a ton! My instagram account had a fun time, but I think I might need a bit of a break from London… but follow me @s_saint to see more of my life through my lens!


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  1. Loïs Mills
    December 12, 2014 at 1:44 pm (3 years ago)

    I LOVE your photography, so good.

    • Sophie
      December 12, 2014 at 1:45 pm (3 years ago)

      Aw thanks hun! PS You’re a babe! love your blog! 😉


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