August Instagram: sailing, sun and Croatian party times!

August began with a bang for the Saint sisters! We went on an epic sailing trip in Croatia with a few members of the team, and it blew our minds. I’ve never been on such a short holiday that provoked such immense holiday blues! The post-Croatia feelings were of elation of having such a wicked time, but severe sadness that it was a) all over. b) we were no longer hanging with the rad travelettes girls.

We got to meet travelettes Editor-in-Chief, Katja, for our first time with her delightful and cute-as-a-button new baby boy, Atlas. Can you believe that I’ve been with travelettes for five years (aka since the dawn of time) and this was the first in-the-flesh meeting between Katja and I?

We got introduced to yachts for our first time thanks to Sailing HR and finally understood what it was like to try and live on a rocking boat. We tried out partying on the water, ate delicious things, swam in paradise waters and we fell for many a skipper.

Alex covered our escapades in last week’s Sailing Croatia post, but here are some shots that timeline our journey and mischief.











What a whirlwind of fun! If these shots haven’t persuaded you to go sailing or visit Croatia, then who knows what will.

A huge shout out for our travelette partners in crime: Frankie, Marie and Kathi. Plus of course those cheeky sailors, Goran and Damir. It now all feels like a distant memory, especially as I’m now bed bound with a broken foot, but it did happen. You only need to flick through our Instagram feeds (@s_saint & @alexsaint13) to see it was so!

A few other things happened in August, but they pale in comparison to the Croatian trip. You don’t need to see endless grotesque shots of my swollen foot (I survived sailing, but a mere shower defeated me) and the hectic chaos of me trying to move house.

But don’t worry, Croatia. We’ll be back.



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