24 hours in Melbourne

I truly loved Melbourne. I lived there for nearly 3 years and loved every second of it – I yearn to go back! O visas, you bastards. But I did find Melbourne to sometimes be incredibly stressful. I would find myself getting anxious and be on edge in my free time as there was always so bloody much to see, do, eat, drink, explore and discover – I constantly found myself writing scattered notes upon hearing friends and critics reviews of new places to check-out.

But if one was to ask me what I’d do there if I could only revisit for 24 hours, then I think I’ve got a good idea of what I’d get up to. I have compiled a finely tuned and painfully edited “Perfect Day in Melbourne” that covers the expanse of the city. A city that has so much individuality it hurts!

melbourne skyline The Travelettes Guide to Melbourne

Let the 24 hours commence!!


Camberwell Market. 

There are few things in the world that will get me up at 6am, but trawling markets are one of them.

IMG 0207 1 The Travelettes Guide to Melbourne

Camberwell market (in the South-East Suburb of Camberwell) is an institution in Melbourne, famous for its awesome range of second-hand treasures and vintage keepsakes that can be found with a bit of patience and plenty of rummaging. There are roughly 370 stalls that begin selling at the crazy hour of 7am – 12pm on Sundays and they attract crowds of 8,000 throughout so be warned: its reputation of being such a successful market means that the early bird really does get the worm, the vintage tea-dress, the leather satchel, the old school typewriter… you name it! Get there as the sun rises and the higher the chances are that you’ll discover someone’s trash is your treasure for a good price.

IMG 0206 1 The Travelettes Guide to Melbourne

IMG 0212 1 The Travelettes Guide to Melbourne

After the morning’s exercise (shopping is my cardio don’t ya know?), it’s time for breakfast.


Tyranny of Distance. 

From Camberwell station (a convenient stones throw from the market grounds), grab a train to the Melbourne inner suburb of Windsor and head straight to the ultimate cool cats café of Tyranny of Distance.

tyranny of distance The Travelettes Guide to Melbourne

Like many of Melbourne’s quirky cafés, it is full of mismatched furniture with retro comfortable sofas littering the wide open space and graffiti adorning the outside walls, but Tyranny’s owners had commissioned several Melbourne artists to decorate the airy warehouse. Everything is recycled, from the second-hand furniture, to the feature of a totem pole of gas bottles in the middle of the floor that have been turned into a giant lamp. And with it being an open old warehouse garage, a polished concrete floor and raw metal beams rough it up a bit.

tyranny of distance melbourne The Travelettes Guide to Melbourne

Enough about the look, what about the food? Eat there. Just do it. A well recommended brekkie is the potato rosti, sautéed baby spinach, bacon and avocado topped with poached eggs, however for the starved brunch/lunch-goers, please get on the zucchini and pumpkin tagine. This café is well-known for their homemade flat-bread which was baked to perfection and its warm softness made me weep.


Brighton Beach.

Of course I’ve got to try and get some exotic nature into the perfect day – it’s Australia!!

brighton beach australia 01 The Travelettes Guide to Melbourne

When the sun is shining, don’t head down to St Kilda unless you want hordes of young backpackers and kids running amok on the dingy unimpressive beach. Get to Brighton Beach on the Sandringham train line and see beautiful sands, sea and a magnificent view of Melbourne from across the waters. The beach house boxes are pretty cute too and make for some memorable photos to save of your day.

brighton beach australia 02 The Travelettes Guide to Melbourne

But after all that fresh sea air, the belly will get rumbling very quickly…


Vegie Bar.

Nutritious lunch, anyone?
Another warehouse eatery in another inner suburb, but this time in my northern neighbourhood of Fitzroy. This place is MASSIVE and it’s a good job it is as it’s so damn popular.

Vegie bar melbourne The Travelettes Guide to Melbourne

Vegie Bar is the place to go for vegetarians or those who like a wide range of organic gluten-free meals… or just those who appreciate the art of making healthy food cheap and tasty. The hugeness of the place still retains an element of dimly lit cosiness where you can chatter with friends, or sit alone at the window watching the strange, artsy and interesting people of Fitzroy wander past.

main room looking down 21 The Travelettes Guide to Melbourne

I’ve been here SO many times and have ensured I’ve tried and tested many dishes. They don’t over-work the food, keeping it rustic in a home-style of cooking. You get bang for your buck as the portions are epic (Mae Goreng eaters be excited) and the specials board is always exciting and inventive. The stuffed mushroom with a heart of quinoa and ricotta, surrounded by roasted vegetables remains my top ‘foods that must exist in heaven’ and get in one of the vegetable juices or smoothies for a health injection. There is no way you could possibly be unhealthy here, unless you order a generous slice of the homemade gluten-free strawberry cheesecake. It is never a regrettable decision though.

vegie bar menu The Travelettes Guide to Melbourne

Vegie Bar Australia Melbourne The Travelettes Guide to Melbourne


Melbourne is famous for its constantly changing weather and should have the slogan “Four seasons in one day”. The only way to win against the elements is to pack sunglasses and an umbrella in your handbag as whatever weather you began the day with can change in a split-second. But if it begins absolutely pouring with rain, Melbourne’s art scene can save the day. There are constantly photography exhibitions going on which are predominantly free and plentiful. The question is where are they? And when are they? Now here’s an insiders tip on knowing what’s on, new, hip and happening: BROADSHEET.

broadsheet The Travelettes Guide to Melbourne

It is an online magazine featuring Melbournes best cafes, bars, restaurants, shops and the galleries. Under the ‘art and entertainment’ or ‘events’ tab, you’re sure to find something that will occupy a rain or shine afternoon. It’s fantastically written and constantly updated with an in-depth directory which allows you to search for a bar/café/gallery/restaurant according to what meal you fancy or what location you are aiming for and can really help you formulate a list of ‘Places to Check-out’ if you want to be real organised.

Going to Melbourne? Add Broadsheet on Facebook to get constant updates or download the iPhone app and you’ll never feel lost or bored. Ever.

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Mama Sita

With dusk settling, it is time to make the most of the bustling heart of the Melbourne’s CBD (Central Business District). The great thing about the city is that the gems of good restaurants are hidden away, but once Melbournites get wind of great food, you have to get there early in order to avoid aging 10 years in the queue.

Mamasita 11 1024x682 The Travelettes Guide to Melbourne

This is the case with the critically acclaimed Mexican restaurant ‘Mama Sita’. It’s situated above a 7-Eleven with a discreet door that only gains attention when the queue for the taste-bud arousing Quesadillas spills out onto the street. If one sensibly arrives earlish for dinner, a 20minute wait at the bar allows you to get familiar with the wonder I call the Paloma cocktail (Tromba blanco tequila, Jarritos Toronja grapefruit soda, fresh lime, salt rim). Their tequila is 100% agave which is tequila in its truest form that is claimed to not give a hangover from hell, and I’m usually ready to accept the challenge of testing this claim.

mamasita melbourne The Travelettes Guide to Melbourne

The menu isn’t massive, but the quality of the food makes up for it. The well-priced soft shell tacos (especially the grilled fish one) and the mushroom Quesadillas are winners, but get corn on the cob. The subtle spices and the melted cheese are so blindingly good that you don’t care how much gets stuck in your teeth! The only problem with Mama Sita is getting down the steep narrow staircase with your satisfied belly and avoiding jealous glowers from hungry queue dwellers. Tough luck chicas, get there early!

mamasita melbourne food The Travelettes Guide to Melbourne

Mamasita 13 jpg 643x450 crop upscale q851 The Travelettes Guide to Melbourne


Section 8

This bar was my first bar experience of Melbourne. Mama Sita’s drinks list dominates over the bar selection here, but it’s the great atmosphere and the setting that constantly draws me back! And I would be broke if I sipped exotic Margaritas 24/7. This bar is nestled in China Town down a small alley of dumpling restaurants and is set in a space full of assorted wooden benches and crates for the seating and tables. Two shipping containers line the edges and within there is the bar in one, and the toilets in the other with tarpaulin stretched between to shelter us from any rain.

section8 bar melbourne The Travelettes Guide to Melbourne

Fairy lights adorn the graffitied walls and the bar glows dimly as the music pumps, sometimes with the odd famous DJ surprising the decks and the patrons. Heat lamps keep you warm teamed with decent priced drinks make it the perfect setting to drink the night away.

section8 melbourne The Travelettes Guide to Melbourne



Boozing Holes and Dancing till the break of dawn in Fitzroy/Collingwood

The possibilities here are endless. God knows what will happen, where you’ll end up and what time you’ll finally find your way to bed. But head this way for unlimited cool bars, classy cocktails joints and dirty clubs where you’ll dance (and hopefully not get your feet stuck to the grimy floors).

Top places to hit up:

Mr Wow’s Emporium: Cocktails and great DJ’s – love these guys!

Yah Yah’s: Dance till the break of dawn!

Bar Open: Grimy but love it.

Old Bar: Awesome live music

Black Pearl: A pricey (but delish) cocktail bar. Not sure why, but always ended up frequenting this place!

Kodiak Club (and Little Blood tequila bar upstairs!): Ooo what a time I’ve had there. What. A. Time.

Naked for Satan’s EPIC rooftop bar (incredible views for miles)

saints on a plane naked for satan.jpg

If you successfully fit in all this in one day, then congratulations. You’ll be satisfied, cultured up to your eye-balls and with a full belly of delicious food. You may also be mildly drunk but as long as Mama Sita’s tequila does what it says on the bottle, tomorrow won’t be too dreadful, unless you’ve followed it up by muchos delicious beverages in Fitzroy! Armed with your Broadsheet iPhone app and some confidence to explore, you can set off and cram even more into another day.

NOTE: even if you had a hundred years to explore Melbourne, there’ll always be more, just when you think you’ve seen it all.

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All Camberwell Market photographs by Sophie Saint.

Image 1 via Amanda, image 2 via Javier Candeira, image 3 viaMelbourne Cafes Photo Blog, image 3 & 4 viaJasmeet Mohi, image 5 via Cheryl Seah, image 6 via ctrlalteat.org, image 7 & 8 via Wei-Hang Chua, image 9 via broadsheet.com.au, image 10 via theburntfig.blogspot.com, image 11 & 12 via de-stijl, image 13 via broadsheet.com.au, image 14 via urbnTHNKr, image 15 & 16 wellingtondany. Cover photo via Pursuit Bikes.

Updated from my travelettes.net article.

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  1. paulie
    July 9, 2014 at 12:58 pm (4 years ago)

    Great story Sophie, about a great city. It’s a bit far away from the rest of the planet but that makes it cool as well.

    • Sophie Saint
      July 9, 2014 at 3:43 pm (4 years ago)

      Ah thank you! It is a fantastic place – can’t wait to go back someday!


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