May Instagram: Tremosine sul Garda, Love Saves the Day & gin in Bath

May has given us both a taste of the upcoming summer and European travels… and we liked it.  For travelettes, I was given the opportunity to head over to Tremosine sul Garda – a little sprawling Italian township on the mountains surrounding the beautiful Lake Garda!

Hosted by the local tourism board, it was a hectic 48 hours of being shown the sheer beauty of the area and eating/drinking myself into oblivion. Although it was quite exhausting,  it was bloody worth it! The scenery was stunning and the food was fresh, fresh, fresh.


I got to explore mountains with a bit of hiking, plus I got to have a bit of a sail on the Lake and have a horse ride around the Italian countryside. the sailboat got me real excited about the August travelettes yacht trip to Croatia! I’ll be sure to tell you all about the trip in a later post 😉




So the sun began peeping out in ole England, just in time for a bit of city wandering and festival times! We went to Love Saves the Day festival in Bristol and it was a lovely hot day of reggae, beats and sparkles.


Alex and I also had quite a few pub outings to lovely places, which included Bath. A few of us jumped on a train to Bath for the ‘affordable vintage fair’ in the gorgeous Guild Hall. I’d never been inside before, but I can understand why so many weddings are held there as the chandeliers and interior was so opulent. Managed to snag some lovely items from the fair, then we headed up to the Royal Crescent to sit in the park – sippin’ on gin and juice. After a few gins, it made sense to run riot in Victoria Play park… don’t think the parents, taking their kids out for a relaxing sunday afternoon, really understood our sheer excitement at rediscovering the swings and slides. YOLO.


Looking into my crystal ball, I believe that June will bring more outdoor partying as summer in Bristol is pretty rad. Plus, we’ll be doing a heck of a lot of travel planning as the next few months are stuffed full of exciting exciting shizz! Yahooo!

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