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    Abandoning Ship when sailing in Croatia

    When Alex and I were sailing the Seven Seas (well, ok, just one sea) around the Croatian islands under the exotic sun, we never expected that one night we would have to fully abandon ship.

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    Beauty Essentials for a Winter Getaway

    The Body Shop has stepped up its game and is fast becoming a one-stop shop for fabulous beauty products and services, guaranteed to sort your face (and body) out for the winter…

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halloween haunted saints on a plane

13 of the most haunted places in the world

As a girl that loves a good horror movie (and was obsessed with Scream from the minute Drew Barrymore picked up that phone), Halloween is one of my favourite holidays of the year. However, it would take a hell of a lot of convincing (and/or alcohol) to get me into a real-life place rumoured to be […] Read more…

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Beauty essentials for a winter getaway

Hold onto your hats guys… Winter is coming. Yes, Autumn’s rustling leaves and crisp air will soon give way to long, dark days and bitter chills but let’s look on the positive side! Christmas markets are setting up shop all over Europe, mulled wine will soon become a weekend prerequisite and snow-capped mountains are luring […] Read more…

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10 things you’ll love about Bali

Indonesians call Bali the ‘island of the gods’ for a reason – it has all the ingredients you need for a perfect slice of paradise pie. No doubt the island has changed drastically over the years, from the sensual, mellow island that traveling trailblazers blissfully discovered to a modern and popular getaway… but it’s the country […] Read more…

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Top 3 Instagram Surfer Babes to Follow

I’m sure you may have noticed by now, but I am constantly on Instagram. Some may say I am addicted to Instagram, others may call me an ‘Insta-Enthusiast’. But however you spin it, I can safely say that I live and breathe those stunning shots that make me super envious of other people’s lives; what they eat, […] Read more…

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